What a delight to paint at 6am on a Saturday and all I can smell is coffee and croissants and no nasty paint odours. It’s like painting with fresh air! Frenchic is a winner!!

Jo, Ipswich

Received my paint thankyou!!! It is my new best friend!!!!!!! Can’t believe how good it is!!! Best product I have came across !!! Thankyou !! Xxx

Jenna, Liverpool

Your paint is incredible!

Jordie, Plymouth

For those who have not used the Frenchic paints and wax I can not rate them more highly. They are so easy to use. It’s also an absolute bonus that I can use them around my 8 month old and husband (who suffers from headaches as soon as I open up a paint tub or nail varnish) due to the no fumes etc……….. my husband even said how nice the wax smelt?!?! Shock!

Lucy, Basingstoke

Finally decided to give frenchic paint a try today and I have to say it’s the best paint I’ve ever used! Gave all my sons bedroom furniture a makeover using pea soup and Panther. Will definitely be using this paint from now on and will recommend it to everyone


You have probably gleaned by now that I loved using this product – from its ease of use to its eco credentials, its ticked a lot of boxes for me….We are pleased to give Frenchic Furniture Paint the ECI Reclaimed & Reloved Superior Paint mark. The mark is awarded to paint which in our opinion achieves a score of eight out of ten or above in all of the following categories: performance, favourble environmental credentials, clarity of content and price.

Eco Chic Interiors

This wax just melts onto the furniture when applying, I used the brush to apply and went on wonderfully. Took on a beautiful shine once buffed. I love it

Kelly, Scotland

I love using frenchic it glides on like a dream, excellent coverage and beautiful colours.


The wax is the best I’ve used.

Alison, Llanelli

The wax is superb – went on so easily, and has buffed up to a lovely sheen. The best wax I have EVER used on this kind of paint. Both the paint, and the wax, feel smooth as silk.

Carole, Cornwall

Absolutely love this paint.

Suzanna, Lancashire

We can’t get enough of the GORGEOUS Frenchic Colours

Kerry, Northampton

My first time using Frenchic love the result

Jenny, London

I love using Frenchic it glides on like a dream, no horrible smell and the wax is the nicest one I’ve used. Can’t wait for the new colours xx

Trish, Newcastle

I just wanted to say I’m soo impressed with the clear wax. I have only ever used it on painted items but iv3 just waxed 2 table tops and it’s brilliant. Goes on so easy and even. Well impressed !

Suzannah, Lancashire

I’m hooked! Painting something everyday while I’m off work! I will be in for more paint later!! I started the frenchic wax! Why I waited so long to finish the (…….) wax I don’t know!! It’s so much nicer to use!! Love it! The whole range is fantastic!! X

Lynn, Wales

My first project with Frenchic paint (Spearmint with Rustic Wax) ... and I love it! Both paint and wax went on like a dream – I highly recommend it!