Christmas Boxes

Flamenco.Ol Blue Eyes.Grey Pebble.Cream Dream.Crystal Blue.Wise Old Sage.Whitey White.Loof.Salt of the Earth.Apple of my Eye.Gorgeous Gold.Finishing Coat

Frenchic Fan Forum member Kaz says: "Phew! Grandchildrens Christmas Eve boxes done! What a marathon crafting session..Two full days!😳
I think I may have set a record for number of colours used in one go! So..we have: Flamenco, Ol Blue Eyes, Grey Pebble, Cream Dream, Crystal Blue, Wise Old Sage, Whitey White, Loof, Salt of the Earth, Apple of my Eye, Gorgeous Gold Frensheen and a LOT of FC! 😃 I have told my kids that the children need to use them every year till they are 18 after that effort!😂 Just got wooden tags and tiny jingle bells to add but they not arrived yet. Feel quite proud of this project..probably because its personal for my little poppets!"

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