Dining Set

Our new and improved Lazy Range is proving to be a huge hit! With a super silky smooth finish, it is a self-priming, self-levelling and self-sealing unique chalk paint that you simply just paint and GO! Frenchic Fan Forum member, Bryan, painted a dining set, having this to say: 'Hand painted in Frenchic's new formula Lazy Range 'Loof', a true black and with a perfect soft sheen.It’s a dream to use and no finishing once painted - that’s it! And guess what, I used just over 3/4 of a small tin! I’ve heard people say it but this is liquid gold in a tin ~ totally amazing!' Thanks Bryan! Glad you like it! We consider it a total gamechanger in the world of chalk paint as it's so easy to use and with all the fine qualities you'd expect from Frenchic. Love your dining set, btw! #lazyjustgotlazier #easyforbeginners #choiceofprofessionals #hastobeFrenchic

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