Home Transformation
Swanky Pants.Greyhound

How about this for an amazing makeover!
Frenchic Fan Forum members, Claire and Mark, transformed their home in three days using Frenchic products that cost a grand total of just over £50! Claire says: 'Finally finished! We used 'Swanky Pants' on the window frames and 'Greyhound' on the PVC front door and beams. Frenchic made it sooo easy, it covers really well and went on fab. We used nearly 2 tins of 'Greyhound' and just over a tin of 'Swanky Pants' but that was all the wooden beams in Greyhound too. Oh and also the back door and frame! I did 3 coats but could’ve got away with 2 with Greyhound!' Looks fabulous, guys! Well done! #brandindemand #paintslikeadream #chalkpaint #hastobeFrenchic

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