Fascia Board Paint

Are you wondering what paint to use for fascia boards? They may be partially hidden beneath your rafters, but these important boards can quickly make your home look shabby if the paint is cracked and peeling. That means it’s crucial to choose exterior fascia board paint that can keep up with the daily wear and tear.

With Frenchic’s fascia board paint, it’s easy to achieve the finish you want. Our chalk and mineral paint is hardwearing and weatherproof, perfect for protecting your boards from overflowing gutters in the rain. It also promises UV resistance, helping to strengthen your fascia boards against the long-term effects of the sun.

Whether you’re looking for paint for wooden fascia boards or plastic, you can apply our paint directly onto your surfaces – no priming or sanding required. Combined with a self-sealing and self-levelling finish, this paint is super low-maintenance. That’s all topped off with a matte appearance and ingredients low in VOCs.

Our fascia board paint is available in a range of unique shades, making it easy to mix or match with the colour of your roof. Whichever one you pick, you’ll benefit from the range of fantastic features that make this the best paint for exterior fascia boards.


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