Metallic Paint & Powders

Add a unique gleam to your projects with our amazing metallic-effect paint and powders. With a metallic mineral pigment, our distinctive Metallics range will add sparkle and glamour to practically any project. Along with our Frenshimmer paints and Frensheen powders, it can be used on a wide range of surfaces, including wood, metal and uPVC, for the same great results!

Looking for exterior metallic paint? Not a problem. Our Metallics and Frenshimmer paints are completely weatherproof, making them the perfect choice as both an indoor and outdoor metallic paint. Our Frensheen powders can be used outdoors too, so long as they’re mixed with a weatherproof product like Finishing Coat. So, you can add a little shimmer to your front door, back door or garden furniture.

Indoors, you can use our powders and metallic paint for walls, furniture or even your radiator. Internal or external, metallic paint and powders are ideal when you want to create an eye-catching statement piece. Refresh a pre-loved chest of drawers, transform your front door, or create the ultimate feature wall with a metallic effect. But they can also be used for finer, subtle details like handles, trims and chair legs.

For the latter, our Frenshimmer range is a big fan favourite. Available in five fabulous colours, these small pots of densely pigmented metallic paint are perfect for embellishing smaller areas or finer details. Alternatively, you can use one of our Frensheen powders with Finishing Coat, Tuff Top Coat or even Clear Wax to give painted furniture a shimmery finish.

With Frenchic, the options are endless. Whatever you’re revamping, upcycling or transforming, you’ll enjoy simple, stress-free application. Our metallic paint is self-priming and self-sealing for minimal preparation and aftercare. It’s also water-based with minimal VOC content and certified as safe to use on children’s toys (UKCA and EN71-3).


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