Radiator Paint

Are you looking for the best paint for your radiators? Check out 150 colours in Frenchic’s fabulous, satin Trim Paint and ultra-matte Chalk Wall Paint ranges plus the matte Al Fresco range. All water-based, durable and easy to use!

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Radiators are no longer limited to the white gloss treatment! Most modern radiators have a powder-coated finish, opening up a whole new world when it comes to sprucing up this heating staple. At Frenchic, we offer a choice of paint ranges that are water-based and self-priming and self-sealing for a smooth, hassle-free application with beautiful results.

Choose from a wide range of colours to match or contrast with your walls and other parts of your colour scheme. You’ll find everything from whites, off-whites and pastel shades to bold blues, reds and deep, dark blacks. But it’s not just about the colour. With Frenchic, you can achieve a variety of finishes too…

Our Chalk Wall Paint range is ideal if you want an ultra-matte look, while the Trim Paint range offers the same collection of colours with a soft-satin sheen. Use paint from our Al Fresco range for an almost flat finish. Don’t forget our Frenshimmers or Frensheens, which can be mixed with Finishing Coat for subtle metallic effects in copper, bronze and gold.

Whatever your preference, you’ll enjoy self-priming properties to minimise preparation. All our radiator paints have low VOCs with virtually no odour, making the process pleasant as well as hassle-free. So, radiators don’t have to be a necessary evil for your interior spaces.


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