Wooden Floor Paint

Looking for the best floor paint for wooden floors? Our Al Fresco and Chalk Wall Paint offers a range of wooden floor paint colours to choose from. Easy to use with self-priming and self-sealing properties plus high durability, these products are suitable for most rooms. Or apply a top coat like of Frenchic Finishing Coat or Tuff Top Coat for extra protection in high traffic areas.

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The best paint for wooden floors needs to be hard wearing. Our Chalk Wall Paint is exactly that with an ISO11998 Class 1 Wet Scrub rating, while Al Fresco paint is water-resistant and highly durable thanks to its outdoor-friendly formulation.

Both our floor paint options are self-priming to minimise preparation. So, providing they are in suitable condition, most floors simply need a thorough clean (with Sugar Soap) and a light sand before painting. Our guide to the wooden floor paint and prep process can make this easier.

They’re also low-VOC, so you don’t get that nasty lingering paint smell when painting wooden floorboards. From the bedroom to the living room and the dining room to the hallway, wooden floor paint allows you to transform your space without the hassle. It’s also certified by EN:71-3 as safe to use on children’s toys, meaning you can paint wooden floors in your nursery or child’s playroom.

When it comes to wooden floor paint colours, you’re truly spoilt for choice. There are over 150 shades to choose from, including everything from pretty pastels to polarising bold tones. There’s a choice of finishes too – get a flat finish with Al Fresco paint or go ultra-matte with Chalk Wall Paint.


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