Frenchic offers a variety of beautiful Scandi colours for every room in your home. Transform your living and dining spaces, turn your bedroom into a sanctuary or just spruce up the home office or bathroom. Our Scandi paint colours can be used for an array of projects indoors and outside, including furniture, walls, windows, woodwork and so much more.

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The airy, calming and minimalist feel that characterises a Scandi scheme is a well-used formula. It can be easily tweaked to fit in with both traditional and modern homes. Super-easy to live with, this laid-back approach involves a relatively tight palette, which this collection demonstrates beautifully,

Forming the bedrock of the Scandi paint palette are soothing whites, creams and soft beige hues. These simple and harmonious neutrals set the scene. In terms of colour, we immediately think of pale and muted blues and lots of grey for a Scandi setting. Generally cool and serene, they fit in perfectly with the look of pared-back simplicity.

Providing balance for the cooler hues, we find soft greens and muted yellows. And for stronger accents, pops of pinkish and terracotta-toned reds are key. Occasionally, there are stronger, darker colours worked into the more modern Scandi settings. With Frenchic’s Scandi paint, you can take whichever approach you prefer to create your dream Scandinavian-inspired space.


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