Dark paint colours are impactful and enigmatic – perfect for adding drama or definition and great for breaking up spaces. They can be moody, modern or traditional in feel, and even comforting, depending on how they are used. If you lean towards the dark side, this collection offers fabulous variety.

Uncomplicated and approachable, true black and off-blacks are your go-to dark paint colours. There are warm and cool, green and blue-tinted options to consider.

Of course, dark paints are not limited to blacks. Whether your space is large and flooded with light or small and cosy, many dark hues are simple to use. Deep purples and reds bring richness and warmth, while dark green and dark blue paint colours are soothing.

For neutral lovers, rich chocolate or smoky browns and charcoal greys provide the perfect backdrop.

At Frenchic, we have dark paint colours to satisfy all needs. That includes preferences like blue, grey, green and teal as well as different projects like walls, furniture, woodwork and windows. Our dark chalk paint can be used throughout your home, from the bathroom and bedroom to the living room and kitchen, not to mention outdoors.


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