Pastel Paint

If you want to add colour in a low-key fashion, it doesn’t get better than pastel paint. These shades are at home in a wide range of settings, from antique and traditional to cool and contemporary. Whatever their surroundings, one thing’s for sure – pastels are always soothing, subtle and oh-so soft.

From green and blue to lilac, pink and yellow, pastels are similar to neutrals but with a wider range of colours. Always on the softer side, they tend to be pale shades – but can also be stronger in colour if they’re chalky or muted.

Pastel paint is a good mixer, working well with whites, off-whites and neutrals. It’s also simple to mix with tones of the same (or similar) colours for a variety of effects. Using strong pink on a wall, for example, with a pastel pink on top will increase the sense of space.

At Frenchic, we want to make it easy to use pastel paint on your furniture, walls, woodwork and even your front door. We produce a selection of self-priming pastel chalk paint that’s specially formulated for a wide range of surfaces, with UKCA and EN71-3 certification, meaning it’s safe to use on children’s toys.

Pastel paint in our Lazy Range is self-sealing and self-levelling for complete ease of use. Add weatherproofing to that list with our Al Fresco range, ideal for both indoor and outdoor projects. Or add a lick of pastel chalk paint to your walls using our ultra-matte Chalk Wall Paint, with matching colours available in our soft-satin Trim Paint range.

If you want to get creative with pastel chalk paint, our Original Artisan Range is the perfect fit. This traditional chalk paint can be distressed and layered to your heart’s content before sealing with one of our waxes for unique decorative effects


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