White Paint

White paint is easily the most popular colour going. It’s present in practically every home, whether it’s a small white chest of drawers or white walls for a light, airy living space.

Whites are great for achieving a minimal look, making a space feel bigger and bouncing light around. They’re also the perfect pairing for emphasising nuanced colours like neutrals, or to frame strong colours with a crisp, contrasting edge. Alternatively, you can let white pop out itself against a colourful backdrop, such as white handles or detailing on a piece of furniture. It’s also a popular choice to modernise older pieces of furniture.

There’s more to white paint than you might think – with a surprising amount of variation. At Frenchic, we offer selection of white chalk paints, each with their own unique take on white. Choose from very bright white, simple clean white, soft white or shaded white to suit your taste. We also have a variety of off-white paints if you’re looking for something a little further from the brief.

Whatever your preference, Frenchic has a colour to match. You’ll find white chalk paint in each of our collections, from our traditional style Original Artisan Range to self-sealing Lazy Range and Weatherproof Al Fresco – with the latter ideal for indoor and outdoor projects. If you’re looking to add a lick of white paint to your walls, our ultra-matte Chalk Wall Paint range is the perfect fit. Or for a soft satin finish, opt for a matching white from the Trim Paint range.

Once you’ve picked your favourite, you can paint with confidence. All our paints are self-priming, low in VOCs and EN71-3 certified, meaning they’re safe for use on children’s toys.


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