Utility & Laundry Room Paint

In the unique environment of utility and laundry rooms, where moisture, steam and ventilation are common, choosing the right paint is crucial. Frenchic offers paint ranges that look great on walls (Chalk Wall Paint), trims (Trim Paint) and furniture (Al Fresco or Lazy Range), while also withstanding the challenges of these spaces.

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Frenchic’s paints are designed to handle the humidity and fluctuating temperatures typical in utility and laundry rooms. Before painting, ensure that your room has adequate ventilation to manage moisture effectively. Once that's in place, our range of paint products can transform your space.

The ultra matta Chalk Wall Paint range is ideal for walls in these areas, boasting an ISO11998 Class 1 Wet Scrub rating. This means the paint can withstand regular cleaning and maintain its colour and finish despite the humid conditions.

For trims and woodwork, our Trim Paint with its soft satin sheen is an excellent choice. Also great for furniture, it offers durability and resistance to the wear and tear of busy utility areas. For a more matte finish for furniture, consider the Lazy Range, known for its ease of application and robust finish. Alternatively, our Al Fresco range is perfectly suited for these environments, thanks to its self-priming, self-sealing and weatherproof properties, ensuring high water resistance. To enhance protection and water resistance, top it with our Finishing Coat for a soft sheen or Tuff Top Coat for a flat matte finish.

Our utility and laundry room paints are versatile, suitable for a variety of surfaces including walls, wood, composite and PVC. For ceramic wall tiles, there is the choice of Chalk Wall Paint or Al Fresco. However, it is recommended to avoids areas of standing water.

To complement the functionality, we offer a range of beautiful colours. From serene and soft tones that create a sense of order and cleanliness, to vibrant hues that add a cheerful touch to your chores, our collection has it all. And with every paint low in VOCs for minimal odour, your painting experience will be as pleasant as the results.


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