Orange Paint

Bright, bold and totally unique. Orange is the ultimate shade for adding intrigue to your space, whether it’s a few small accents or a large statement feature. Thanks to the resurgence of retro palettes and warm, earthy tones, oranges are appearing on every on-trend list.

At Frenchic, our paints are formulated to be as delightful to use as the end results are to look at. Our Al Fresco range is water-based and weatherproof, so you can use it both inside and outside on a range of surfaces. Add orange chalk paint to wood, laminate, uPVC, metal and more for great results, following our simple instructions on the tin.

Revamp a pre-loved sideboard with a quirky pop of colour or turn your garden chairs into a sunset-inspired orange dream. With our Chalk Wall Paint and Trim Paint ranges, you can also transform your walls, doors and trims in orange tones with an ultra-matte (Wall Paint) or satin-sheen (Trim Paint) finish.

All our orange paints are UKCA and EN71-3 compliant, so they’re safe to use on children’s toys too. Whatever your project, you’ll enjoy self-priming, self-sealing and self-levelling properties of orange chalk paint in our Al Fresco range for minimal preparation and the best finish.


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