Weatherproof Paint

Weatherproof paint is a must if you’re painting anything that’s exposed to the elements. Water-resistance is essential as rain can cause standard paint to flake and peel away over time. But for paint to be classed as truly weatherproof, it needs to have UV resistance too. This protects the surface beneath and minimises the likelihood of the colour fading. Use paint that isn’t weatherproof, and you’ll soon find yourself painting again to cover both flaking and discolouration.

At Frenchic, our Al Fresco range has been developed specifically for outdoor use – though it’s equally suitable for interior projects. Above all else, our weatherproof paint is much more durable outside, with algae and mould resistance to minimise maintenance on your exterior renovations.

There’s a long list of different surfaces you might want to paint that are exposed to the weather. Thankfully, our weatherproof paint is suitable for practically all of them. Use it on wood, uPVC, composites, metal, render and brick. Whatever the case, you’ll enjoy self-priming and self-sealing qualities, so you don’t need to invest in multiple products.

That makes it the ideal choice for a wide range of outdoor projects. Revamp preloved garden furniture. Give your shed a new lease of life. Transform your garden fences. Or even refresh your kids’ outdoor toys – our Al Fresco range is safe to use on them with UKCA and EN71-3 certification.


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