Bathroom Paint

To cope with such a demanding environment, bathroom paint needs to be water-resistant, durable and even scrubbable if it’s on your walls. At Frenchic, we have a selection of beautiful bathroom paints that are ideal for furniture, walls and even woodwork.

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Whatever paint you use, sufficient ventilation is a must to minimise steamy conditions. Once that’s sorted, our selection of paint products can do the rest. Our Chalk Wall Paint has an ISO11998 Class 1 Wet Scrub rating, meaning you can wipe your walls clean however often you need to without affect the colour and finish.

You can also opt for Trim Paint with a soft satin sheen for woodwork or panelling. Or try the Lazy Range for bathroom furniture. If you want to add more protection and water resistance, top with your choice of Finishing Coat for a soft sheen or Tuff Top Coat for a flat matte finish. Or try our Al Fresco range, which has the same self-priming and self-sealing qualities as the Lazy Range. Plus, it’s weatherproof properties mean it has high water-resistance.

Our bathroom paints are suitable for a range of surfaces in your bathroom, including walls, wood, composite and PVC – as long as it’s not an area that will be subject to standing water, such as floors and bath or shower surrounds.

That’s all topped off with a choice of gorgeous colours. Whether you want to create a calming oasis with botanical hues, a chic monochrome design, or a cute country vibe with vintage shades, you’ll find it all in our bathroom paint collection. Whatever you go for, you’ll enjoy low-odour paints with minimal VOCs to make painting even more pleasant.


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