Beige Paint

Subtle and subdued, beige chalk paint is the perfect shade to add a touch of warm and neutral sophistication to your home. Also known as neutral, oatmeal, off-white, fawn, tan, coffee, camel and taupe, beige is a soothing, sandy shade that makes a warmer, more welcoming alternative to white or grey. Our beige paint range slides from the creamiest taupes to warm, earthy greige and even an unusual, pink-toned option.

Spruce up your outdoor seating with our gorgeous, weatherproof and eco-friendly Al Fresco Indoor/Outdoor beige paint. Or, if you’re re-vamping your living room furniture, try our easy-to-apply Lazy Range.

In our collection, you’ll find self-levelling, self-priming and self-sealing beige paint suitable for painting a wide range of surfaces, including UPVC, laminate, wood and metal.

Bring a new lease of life to drab walls or upcycle a vintage dresser – the possibilities are endless! Looking for a contemporary colour for your bedroom walls? Or a sultry shade to coat a chest of drawers? Beige chalk paint is the dream colour for modern, minimalist, and Scandinavian styles.


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