Brown Paint

Add rich, earthy or neutral tones to your home with Frenchic brown chalk paint. Use our hard-wearing Lazy Range paints to breathe new life into old cabinets with an updated espresso tint. Or transform brash walls into muted luxury for your kitchen or living room with our brown wall and trim paints. Soft browns are also a great warmer alternative to greys. Need brown paint for wood, metal, UPVC or laminate? You’ll find the perfect paint for these surfaces in our collection. And if you like to keep decorating easy, you’ll be pleased to know most of our ranges are self-sealing, self-levelling and self-priming.

Whether you like your brown paint in hazel, cocoa, coffee, umber, caramel, chestnut, mahogany or sienna tones, you’ll discover brown paint shades to refresh your interiors within the Frenchic collection. From taupe paint to deep russet browns, get ready to be spoilt for choice when painting trim, walls or furniture.

Brown paints warm your rooms from floor to ceiling. Sink into chocolatey splendour with deep brown walls for a cosy bedroom or living room. Alternatively, cover your walls with delicate neutral browns for a modern look. Brown paint complements Scandi-chic dining chairs, period dressers, or luxurious dining room walls. Whatever colour scheme or style you have in mind, Frenchic brown chalk paint will bring new depth to your next decorating project.


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