Living Room Paint

Is there anything better than changing up your living room paint? At Frenchic, we cover all bases with paint for your living room walls, furniture, trims and more. Our long-lasting, durable Chalk Wall Paint range makes it easy to transform your walls – and keep them spick and span. Our Wall Paints have an ISO11998 Class 1 Wet Scrub rating. That means you can scrub away at your walls without fear of spoiling the paint.

Living room paint isn’t just for walls – there’s also the doors, skirting boards, windowsills and even radiators. You can use our wall paint on your woodwork for a consistent matte finish. Or choose from the same range of stunning colours in our soft satin Trim Paint range. It’s highly scuff resistant, so you don’t have to worry about the “living” part of your living room.

Don’t forget all those wonderful pieces of living room furniture. From nests of tables and coffee tables to TV stands and shelving units, our Al Fresco and Lazy Range paints are the perfect fit. They adhere to a range of surfaces including wood, uPVC and laminate – all with fantastic results.

All our paints are self-sealing and self-priming to save you time and ensure your living room projects look stunning for years to come. Not a fan of nasty paint smells? Frenchic paints are low odour as well as being EN71-3 certified as safe to use on children’s toys.

Whether you’re looking for subtle greys or striking blues, you’ll discover vibrant shades aplenty in the Frenchic living room paint collection. From bright family rooms to soothing retreats, we can help you create the perfect living space.


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