Matte Paint

One of the most popular finishes, matte paint tends to contain more pigments, offering fantastic coverage. Because of its low reflection, it’s perfect for minimising the appearance of imperfections, lumps and bumps. Sheen level can be up to around 15%.

Matte paint is the least reflective type of paint and one of the most popular varieties available. It ranges from flat to ultra-matte and tends to have more pigments than other finishes, offering better coverage than other paint types. Because of its low reflection, any unevenness on the surface is less visible, making matte paint perfect for masking imperfections, lumps and bumps.


With matte paint, you can choose from a vast array of colours – and it’s great for practically all of them. It can be especially effective in darker shades, giving them a pared back, soft, velvety appearance. In contrast, using the same dark colour in a gloss finish can look too bold and sometimes overwhelming.

Because of its flat or ultra-matte finish, it’s the paint of choice for a wide variety of projects, including walls, furniture, radiators and woodwork. If you want to get creative, use matte paint in conjunction with a satin finish of the same colour. You’ll be able to create great effects like stencilling, stripes or a chequerboard pattern with a cool, understated look.

Because old style matte paints were hard to clean without spoiling the paint itself, they developed a reputation for being less practical. Not anymore. Modern matte paints – like ours at Frenchic – are completely washable, so you get the flat, matte look with a practical, scrubbable finish.


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