June 17, 2021

What Colour Should I Paint My Bedroom Walls?

What Colour Should I Paint My Bedroom Walls?

Don't underestimate the power of colours. They influence our emotional and physical well-being alongside the quality of our sleep. Some inspire energy, making it easier to leave a cosy bed in the morning, while others calm our nervous system and promote relaxation.

Choosing the right wall colours for your bedroom depends on your personality and habits, then finding shades that introduce balance.

Expressive vs toned-down colours

What do we mean by balance? Well, if you're a chronic alarm snoozer who can't stand waking up, combat drowsiness with sunny and vibrant shades. Those with overactive imaginations benefit from unfussy neutrals and crisp whites. Do you struggle to fall asleep? If so, opt for soothing blues and greens that promote tranquillity and rest.

Ultimately, the colours you choose should serve you – they should make you feel better.

Promote growth with green

Let's be honest - 2020 was rough (and the first half of 2021 hasn't been much better). People worldwide have spent a disproportionate amount of time indoors, staring at the same four walls. Unsurprisingly, there's been a mass exodus from UK cities, as urbanites long for gardens, space and fresh air.

But not everyone has the means to pack up and move to the country. So, coming back to the all-important question of balance, how can we bring more outside inside?

Try green wall paint. It's often hailed as the new grey thanks to its versatility, looking sublime alongside a range of interiors. Dark greens are ultra-chic alongside off-whites and creams, while muted mixtures such as Green with Envy suit rustic interiors with plenty of well-worn furniture.

Whatever shade you choose, you're sure to benefit from its calming qualities. Green reminds us of nature's beauty and abundance. It's growth-promoting, which is especially helpful if you feel stuck or uninspired in your professional or personal life.

With the addition of indoor plants, ambient fairy lights and wooden accents, your bedroom could feel like an intimate grotto – an earthy sanctuary away from life's stresses.

Sleep well with soothing shades of blue

Far from being sad or aloof, blue is one of the best colours to promote relaxation. Its connotation with the sky and sea triggers our senses. We're practically lulled to sleep by distant birdsong, rolling waves and warm sand underfoot. What's more, experts believe blue boosts our creative and problem-solving capacities.

Instead of cold, clinical blues, choose muted shades like Smooth Operator. It's deeper tones are easier on the eye, which minimises unnecessary stimulation before bed.

To encapsulate a nautical vibe, pair blue walls with crisp white pillows, blankets and throws. You could even opt for striped wallpaper alongside a navy blue accent wall, complete with holiday knick-knacks like postcards, photos and shells.

Get the best of both worlds with teal

Teal wall paint combines green's growth-promoting qualities with blue's restfulness, therefore walking the line between action and inaction. It's a middle-ground colour for people who need to revitalise on weekdays and unwind on weekends, giving you the best of both worlds. For a deep, dark blue with distinctive teal tones, try After Midnight.

Plus, it's part of a broader retro palette. When paired with complementing warm hues, including coral, mustard – such as Hot as Mustard – and burnt orange, it oozes 80s charm. It gives you the perfect excuse to crack-out old pop-art posters, vintage toys and fluorescent signs.

Rise and shine with yellow

Very few people wake up brimming with energy (if you do, you're one of the lucky ones). Thankfully, choosing a vibrant colour for your bedroom can make the transition from night-time to daytime more manageable.

Yellow awakens the senses with its uplifting, positive and sunny essence. It transports us back to the easiness of summer and the conviviality of beer gardens, barbecues and breaks abroad. What's more, it holds our attention, making it ideal for desk areas and study spaces.

If you're worried about yellow walls feeling overwhelming, upcycle furniture instead. A saturated shade of furniture paint like Hot as Mustard complements cool greys and whites. Alternatively, accessorise with lemony throws, rugs and pillows to add a dash of vibrancy.

Power-up with purple

Purple combines the stability of blue with the fierceness of red. It helps us to remain steadfast in times of uncertainty, making it the go-to option for monarchies and governing bodies.

Vibrant purples certainly kickstart our mojo. However, they can feel abrasive unless paired with soothing beiges, creams and off-whites. Alternatively, offset them with duskier shades like lavender.

There's a treasure chest of ways you can use purple besides emulating royalty. Blend lilacs, greys and heathers to mimic wildflower fields in spring or add Bon Bon pink for grown-up glamour.

Wipe the slate clean with white

Are you ready for a fresh start? If so, adorn your walls with a dazzling coat of white. In many ways, it's the best option for limitless creativity because it goes with any colour and setting. What's more, it encourages minimalism. When our walls and furniture look clean, we naturally want to declutter our belongings and let go of baggage.

As well as making us feel freer, white capitalises on natural light and makes spaces look larger. If your bedroom is windowless, opt for a neutral ivory tone like Parchment or for a touch of silvery grey go with Moon Whispers.

Despite its benefits, white runs the risk of looking flat. That's why you should focus on creating depth through furnishings. Lace, crochet details, floating shelves and colourful wall art lends more dimension.

Additionally, you could introduce texture to furniture with Easy Crackle. When applied between two contrasting colours of Frenchic furniture paint, it creates an aged appearance and makes old woodwork look much more exciting without the fuss and expense.

Create your dream bedroom with Frenchic

Whether you need to uplift or wind down, our extensive collection of award-winning paint will get the job done.

Revamp old wardrobes, drawers or even beds with our Original Artisan Range and Lazy Range. Or refresh your walls with beautiful shades of Chalk Wall Paint. With Frenchic, you’re sure to discover the right shade for your dream bedroom. Browse our full selection to find the perfect partner for your bedroom’s interior décor.

Looking for more inspiration as you decorate your walls? Discover our selection of amazing quotes about colour to spark your creativity.


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