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Frenchic Paint - Original Colours
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  • colour Ballerina
  • colour Banana Split
  • colour Flamenco
  • colour Grey Pebble
  • colour Heavenly Blue
  • colour Ivory Tower
  • colour Lady Grey
  • colour Lima
  • colour Lipstick
  • colour Moody Blue
  • colour Mother Duck
  • colour Nougat
  • colour Panther
  • colour Pea Soup
  • colour Polar Bear
  • colour Pool Boy
  • colour Posh Nelly
  • colour Spearmint
  • colour Stormy
  • colour Sugar Puff
  • colour Virgin
  • colour Wedding Cake
  • colour Wedgewood Green

Frenchic Furniture Paint has no hidden nasties (in fact all our ingredients are written on the can). It is an all natural, chalk and mineral paint that requires no stirring, shaking or the addition of water. We don’t add VOC’s, toxins or solvents and it has virtually no smell (which is important when painting indoors!). You’ll find that it is creamy, rich and has superior coverage. As an added bonus, Frenchic Furniture Paint has endured rigorous testing and has been EN:71-3 certified, meaning it is safe to paint children’s toys and nursery furniture.

750ml - 1.5 kg
150ml - 275 g

Type: Paint - Original

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Love this paint so much!


Does Original Anguilla work outdoors?

Hi I am new on this a couple of months would just like to know can I use Anguilla on my front door or would I have to use an over coat ? I do look up this everyday the paint and colours and the work the paint does is unbelievable I always said its amazing wat a lick of paint does but judging by this theirs so many words to describe the way the furniture turns out it's gorgeous no matter wat colour ! Fair play Pamela u done a brilliant job and I'm sure now we won't be seeing furniture being thrown out again wen FRENCHIC does a fantastic job and of course the lady wit the paint brush!! I have told so many people about this I think everyone painting at this stage and it's a great to see so many women transforming old to new and beautiful work at that ; I'm delighted I joined this and can't wait to open my first tin I have so much I want to do so thank you in advance hope this paint works out doors !! Sharon


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