February 28, 2024

Do I Need to Use Sealant When Painting?

Do I Need to Use Sealant When Painting?

Key FAQ Points:

  • Many paints are self-sealing and don’t need a separate sealant – including many modern chalk paints.
  • However, some paints do, such as traditional-style chalk paint. Check the paint that you’re using to be sure.
  • Waxes and sealants can create attractive visual effects.

Do I need to use sealant when painting?

Many projects don’t need sealant, but it depends on which paint you are using and what you’re painting.

Most paints are self-sealing. However, Frenchic’s Original Artisan Range is a traditional chalk and mineral paint designed to wear away for visual effects like ageing. This paint does need to be sealed with wax or another sealant.

In contrast, Frenchic’s other ranges such as Al Fresco and Lazy Range are self-sealing, so generally no additional sealant is required.

Although Frenchic paints are robust, you can use sealants for added durability in areas of high traffic or wear, such as table-tops. Tuff Top Coat has additional heat resistance, for example, while Finishing Coat adds extra water resistance.

You can also use sealants for visual effects such as shimmers – more details below. Remember that a sealant will change the finish of the paint. Tuff Top Coat is matte, whereas Finishing Coat is satin.

What waxes can I use to seal wood and paint or create visual effects?

On the other hand, waxes won’t increase the durability of self-sealing paints – but they are great when you want to be creative, such as:

  • Clear Waxis perfect for a basic seal, enriching the colour of bare wood and chalk paint.
  • Defining Waxadds depth to furniture by defining any texture, panelling or carved detailing.
  • Browning Waxis great for adding a rustic or aged look to a project by darkening the finish.
  • White Waxoffers a whitewashed, beachy look by toning down colours and wood tones, similar to a liming wax.

What top coats can I use to seal paint and create visual effects?

For a matte look, check out Frenchic’s Tuff Top Coat. The heavy-duty sealant provides a flat finish that is heat resistant, hard-wearing and completely scrubbable. Or for a satiny finish, try Finishing Coat. It provides the same durability with a soft sheen look.

Both are super-simple to apply with a sponge or soft brush and can even be mixed to form glazes or used for other decorative techniques, offering many different style options.

Some other ideas:

  • Metallic glaze– Mix Finishing Coat with a Frensheen mineral powder to create a paint-like consistency. Then brush on for a sealant with a shimmery finish.
  • Decoupage– Add a paper image or pattern to your surface, then carefully apply Finishing Coat on top with a sponge for a durable, transparent finish.

Explore the world of chalk paint further with our blog post on sealing chalk paint.


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