June 12, 2017

Feedback from Stockists at the Frenchic Convention May 2017

The 2017 Frenchic convention was the ideal place for our amazing stockists to have a catch up. Watch the video to see what they got up to!

Here are just a few things that our stockists had to say about working with Frenchic:

“We hugely support each other… it’s nice to find a group like that.”

“When I was first introduced to the stockists page, the support was really nice… it’s good because a lot of people are on their own, so it’s nice to know you are part of a community.”

“It’s great, because what’s happening is we’re feeding off of other businesses – I’m taking ideas, but also I’m able to help other businesses as well.”

“So many people are coming back into buy the paint because it’s so easy to use, because they love using it and because the colours are great.”

Interested in stocking Frenchic products in your store? Register your interest today.

You can also watch the footage from our Blogger Event, to meet our brand ambassador and see some of our products in action.



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