August 13, 2018

An Interview with Frenchic Founder Pam Gruhn

An Interview with Frenchic Founder Pam Gruhn

An Interview with Frenchic Founder Pam Gruhn

Since being founded in 2014, Frenchic has become the UK’s fastest-growing chalk paint company, with over 500 stockists worldwide.

In this exclusive interview with our founder Pam Gruhn, we discover how Frenchic came about and how the business has developed over the past few years.

Watch the video or read on to find out more.

Our chat with Pam…

Q: How did Frenchic come about?

A : My hobby of painting furniture using various paints is where it all began. I found that chalk paint was very easy to use, but I really wanted a paint that ticked all the boxes.

I wanted a paint that was safe to paint children’s toys, with no odour and that didn’t have to be stirred, shaken or that needed water adding to it.

I literally wanted to put my brush in the pot and then paint, which is exactly what I’ve now achieved.

Q: What inspired you most?

A: My passion for bringing old furniture back to life, rather than seeing it go to landfill, is why I provide everything the upcycler needs from paint to brushes.

I want them to be able to make their grandma’s old bureau look totally on trend, with the easiest of paints for a good finish.

Our new Lazy Range is perfect for beginners as you can paint straight from the tin.

Q: Where are your items stocked?

A: The majority of my stockists are in the UK and Ireland, and I support and supply each and every one of them as independent retailers. That’s something I’m quite proud of.

We also have stockists as far afield as Dubai, America, Singapore, Hong Kong and all over Europe.

Q: How do you see the business developing over the next five years?

In this world of sustainability and upcycling, I feel that Frenchic is elevating that and I can only see us growing year on year.


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