January 04, 2024

6 Paint Colour Trends You’ll Love in 2024

6 Paint Colour Trends You’ll Love in 2024

Which paint colours trends will emerge and grace our homes in 2024?

At Frenchic, we’re predicting a range of diverse and enchanting colours, that promise to transform our living spaces into comfortable and personal havens.

This year, we'll see brown’s increasing influence over the neutral colour palette. Plus, we’ll increasingly feel the draw towards colour, including the serenity of muted colours with grey undertones, the timeless appeal of familiar blues, the calm of soft pastels and the energy of bold, vibrant tones. Join us in exploring these trends mirroring our unique tastes and aspirations.

Welcome to the colourful journey of 2024, where every shade enhances our living spaces and tells its own story.

1. The renaissance of browns

Browns take a prominent role in interior design, symbolising warmth and sophistication. These shades, ranging from rich espressos like Liquorice to soft earthy tones such as Clay Pot, create inviting atmospheres in living spaces and add elegance to areas like dining rooms and home offices.

Brown's versatility is its key asset this year. It harmonises with a variety of colours, making it perfect for both cosy settings and stylish interiors. As we seek colours that turn our homes into personal retreats, brown's comforting yet luxurious nature makes it an integral part of this year's colour palette.

2. Muted colours with grey undertones

We will start to see a trend towards muted paint colours with grey undertones, offering a balance of subtlety and depth.

Shades like our heather-infused Hebrides and the versatile blue-green tones of Verdigris, Jitterbug and Scotch Mist lead this trend, providing a serene yet impactful presence in any space.

 Take a look at Jitterbug in action:


These hues are perfect for creating a restful environment with a contemporary touch. They excel in areas requiring calmness, like bedrooms and studies, and add sophistication to living spaces. Their versatility allows them to blend seamlessly with a wide range of décor styles and textures, catering to personalised interior design.

Muted colours with grey undertones in 2024 represent a lifestyle choice for spaces that are both serene and stylish, embodying a tranquil yet modern aesthetic.

3. Familiar blues with a twist

We're witnessing a resurgence of familiar blues, now infused with an intriguing twist. Shades like Smooch and Ol’ Blue Eyes, characterised by their smoky or grey undertones, are making a significant mark. These colours bring a fresh perspective to traditional blue, adding depth and sophistication.

These blues are incredibly versatile, easily pairing with both warm and cool tones, making them a favourite for designers and homeowners alike. They offer a sense of harmony – perfect for creating serene bedrooms, calming living spaces or even inspiring office environments.

4. Pastels and soft tones: subtle elegance

This year welcomes a delightful array of pastels and soft tones, such as the gentle purples of Golightly and the muted pinks of Dusky Blush and Rosy Dusk. These shades add a touch of serenity and sophistication to interiors, perfect for creating tranquil environments in bedrooms, nurseries or relaxation spaces.

Take a look at this home office makeover Dusky Blush:


Their muted undertones allow for seamless integration with various décor styles, enhancing spaces with a sense of peace and understated elegance. Ideal for pairing with natural materials, these pastels elevate the aesthetic of any room, offering a timeless charm.

5. Injecting energy and style with bold colours

Embracing the vibrancy of bold colours is a key theme this year. Shades like Hot Lips (reds), Lime Light (lime-toned greens) and Pinch Punch (turquoise) are perfect for adding a dynamic splash of energy to any room. These colours are ideal for creating statement pieces or accent walls that captivate and energise.

Reds, greens and turquoises bring a lively yet sophisticated flair, making them suitable for spaces where creativity and vitality are desired, such as living rooms, home offices or entertainment areas. Their bold nature allows them to stand out, yet they can be balanced with neutral tones to ensure harmony in the overall design.

This trend of bold colours speaks to those who love to express their personality through their décor, offering a way to make a confident and stylish statement in their homes.

6. The versatility of greens

Green paint continues to be a popular choice, with a wide spectrum ranging from almost neutral, earthy tones like Olivia to deeper, smoky hues such as Steaming Green. These greens are celebrated for their ability to bring the essence of nature indoors, creating a calming and restorative atmosphere.

Earthy greens like Olivia (like on this banister rail) are perfect for spaces where a connection to nature and a sense of groundedness are desired. These tones work well in living areas, bedrooms and even kitchens, offering a refreshing yet comforting presence.


On the other hand, smoky greens like Steaming Green provide a more dramatic and sophisticated touch, ideal for spaces that require a bit of depth and character.

Embracing the 2024 colour palette in your home!

As we embrace the diverse and sophisticated colour palette of 2024, it's clear that each hue has been chosen to transform our homes into personal havens. From the warmth of browns and the depth of muted colours with grey undertones to the tranquillity of familiar blues and the serenity of soft pastels, every shade plays a pivotal role in creating restorative spaces.

This year's palette is about more than just aesthetics. It's about creating environments that reflect our individuality and offer comfort and peace.

Be part of the trend and share your colourful spaces

Dive into the 2024 colour trends and share your journey with us! Which trend resonates with your style – the comforting browns, muted colours, serene blues, soft pastels, bold hues or natural greens?

You can post photos of your handywork on social media (please tag us!) or join the Frenchic Fan Forum Facebook group. This flourishing community boasts a supportive community of dedicated Frenchic enthusiasts, offering inspiration, guidance and an audience for your proudest painting projects!

Let’s inspire each other as we transform our homes in 2024.


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