The Owls Hoot

From the moment I opened my first tin, I was hooked. Loved it, did some research and contacted Pammy Gruhn about becoming a stockist, she politely said no, as my current location was too near another stockist. I promptly looked for other premises for my business.

I moved location and called again! Thrilled to get a yes, it was the best business decision I’ve made. I have been painting over 27 years now and Frenchic has made the job I love, even more enjoyable to do. Frenchic has been the centre of my business and has certainly been the main factor of keeping going. During lockdown Frenchic came to my rescue again and has kept my head above water during a very uncertain time.

I am very proud to be part of team Frenchic! Not only the best paint in the world but the best support network from the founder, I’m such a small part of it all but feel me and my little shop matter ❤️ Thank you Frenchic


Jane Knott - The Owl’s Hoot

The Owls Hoot


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