Hornblower Pine Wardrobe Makeover

Hornblower + Cool Copper

So you're tired of your pine furniture and thinking of buying new? STOP right there! Before you go any further think Frenchic! We have seen literally thousands of pine furniture makeovers and you can see them too in the Frenchic Fan Forum (link below). Perfect example is below where Jill from Jacatata in Gainsborough helped her customer transform her orangey pine wardrobe to a gorgeous blue beauty using our Lazy Range shade of Hornblower with panels in our Frensheen Cool Copper and it's SO easy! No need to use primer and no need to use any sealant either! Our Lazy Range has a wax infusion and sealant all combined in this innovative chalk paint - simply dip and go! Self levelling too so little to no brushmarks, odourless, creamy and certified safe enough to paint even childrens toys! Hands up who loves Frenchic!

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