Wise Old Sage Pine Shed Makeover

Wise Old Sage + Petite Oval Brush 27-mm

Al Fresco to the Rescue!
Who has a shed like this sitting in their garden just begging to be Frenchic'd? Frenchic Fan Forum member, Sharon, transformed her pine shed to a beautiful 'she shed' using 'Wise Old Sage' from our exterior weatherproof Al Fresco chalk paint range, and what a lovely shed it is now! Remember, no need to use a primer NOR any type of sealant with our innovative exterior chalk paint. No brush marks either as it's self levelling! And, boy does it go a long way! (Plus we have no toxins in our paint with all the ingredients on the can!) Look for the can with a heart on it and you have chalk paint innovation right there!

You Can Create This With

Petite Oval Brush - 27mm

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