Frenchic Upcycling Ideas & Inspiration

Amazing Upcycling Projects from Frenchic Fans

Cool Beans Kitchen Upcycling Project
Blackjack Drawers Makeover
Hornblower Kitchen Upcycling Project
Christmas Boxes Upcycling Project
Mother Duck Dresser Upcycling Project
Wedding Cake Vintage Cabinet Makeover
Scotch Mist Staircase Makeover
Easy Crackle Half Moon Transformation
Scotch Mist Vintage Chair Makeover
Wolf Whistle Home Furniture Makeover
Kiss Me Sloely Stencil Floor Makeover
Wise Old Sage Bicycle Upcycling Project
Cool Beans & Lady Grey Bookcase Makeover
Hornblower Leather Sofa Makeover
Virgin Clock Upcycling Project
Dusky Blush Door Transformation
Dusky Blush Staircase Makeover
Steel Teal Door Upcycling Project
Swanky Pants Kitchen Transformation
Swanky Pants Console Table Transformation
Blackjack Cabinet Upcycling Project
Dazzle Me! Kitchen Upcycling Project
Whitey White Wardrobe Upcycling Project
Dusky Blush Door Upcycling Project
Loof Kitchen Upcycling Project
Greyhound, Whitey White & Stencil Hallway Makeover
Loof Sewing Machine Transformation
Mermaid For A Day Cabinet Transformation
Swanky Pants Kitchen Upcycling Project
Wise Old Sage Front Door Makeover
Duckling Door Upcycling Inspiration Project
After Midnight Half Moon Table Makeover
Plum Pudding Ottoman Stool Upcycling Makeover Project
Nougat Drawers Upcycling Project
Grey Pebble Cabinet Trio Transformation
Ballerina Vintage Bedside Cabinet Makeover
Blackjack Kitchen Makeover
Swanky Pants Wendy House Makeover
Dazzle Me! Caravan Makeover
Victory Lane Front Door Makeover
Greyhound Door Makeover
Spitfire Kids Play Kitchen Makeover
Wise Old Sage Door Makeover
Smudge Kitchen Makeover
Duckling Door Makeover
Dusky Blush Door Makeover
After Midnight Chair Makeover
Salt of the Earth Wardrobe Makeover
Victory Lane Kitchen Makeover
Hornblower Wardrobe Upcycling Project

Welcome to the Frenchic upcycling project board. A boiling pot of ideas and inspiration for your own upcycling wonders. From kitchen cabinets and bedroom drawers to staircases, walls and garden furniture – our wonderful paints are used on upcycling project of all shapes and sizes.

What better way to find ideas for your next piece? If you’re anything like us, the mere sight of a finished upcycling project can spark that inspiration and get your upcycling senses tingling. Transform an old piece of furniture like one of our examples or just find the perfect piece for a colour you’ve fallen in love with.

Each upcycling project is complete with before and after photos so you can see the transformation in full. That’s paired with the products used to achieve such amazing results, including paint, brushes and more. And, of course, we don’t forget the upcycling enthusiasts and artisans who made the ideas happen!

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