Dark Blue Paint

Envelop your room and furniture with the luxurious, midnight-sky shades of dark blue chalk paint. Reinvent drab patio furniture with gorgeous dark blue paint from our Al Fresco Inside/Outside range. Or use rich navy blue paint from our eco-friendly Lazy Range to turn a bland bedside table into a striking statement piece. Frenchic dark blue paints are suitable for a wide variety of surfaces, including metal, wood, laminate and uPVC. Want to save time? Our collection is self-priming, self-levelling and self-sealing, so you can focus on appreciating the impact of your decorating.

Navy blue, indigo, dark teal – there are many luxurious shades of dark blue to inspire and invigorate you. From rich and velvety midnight blue to smooth and mysterious inky blue, you’ll find breathtaking dark blue paints for your home and furniture in our collection.

As well as being bold and sophisticated, dark blue paint is complementary to many interior styles. Dark blue is the perfect choice for a Scandinavian colour palette, and creates a rich, moody feel to contemporary rooms. Want a more traditional effect? Navy blue is amazing for revamping modern-country furniture. If you're searching for a dark, striking colour to create drama, choose Frenchic dark blue chalk paint to make a unique statement in your home.


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