Garage Door Paint

Painting your garage door is a simple home improvement that can have a huge impact on your property. But to get the most from your DIY, it’s important to choose the right type of paint.  Whether your doors are made from metal, wood, or fibreglass, the best paint for garage doors should be hardwearing with a high colour payoff. At Frenchic, that’s exactly what we provide.  

Our selection of outdoor garage door paint adheres to wood, metal, laminate, and uPVC. With no priming or waxing required, you’ll have no problem achieving the look you’re after. Simply apply your paint and wait for it to self-seal. The paint for garage doors in our Al Fresco range is also UV resistant. This means it will protect your garage from harmful UV rays that could cause your doors to crack, fade, or degrade over time.

Frenchic’s garage door paint promises a matte finish in an array of fun colours. Whether you’re grabbed by our bright green (‘Victory Lane’) or prefer a classic neutral shade, we stock paint to suit any style and taste. Whichever you choose, all of our colours are low in VOCs and certified child-safe. That means you can paint your garage doors with confidence, knowing it’s the best choice for both you and your home.


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