Light Blue Paint

Conjure up images of clear summer skies or the aquatic shades of the Caribbean with our stunning range of light blue chalk paint colours. These subtle, beautiful tones offer a delightful alternative to whites and creams, adding a touch of nature’s wonder to any decorating project.

No matter what you’re looking to paint, we have the perfect type and shade. Want to give your old furniture a gorgeous, modern makeover? Our Original Artisan and Lazy Range paints are just what you need to breathe new life into any piece. Our Al Fresco Inside/Outside range is perfect for your garden furniture, enhancing the natural beauty of your outdoor spaces (or indoor for that matter!).

Or perhaps you want to go all the way and give your walls the makeover they deserve. Use our light blues as a perfect alternative to off-whites, cream and pale greys, offering a subtle and calming look that complements a range of colour scheme.

Our environmentally friendly chalk and mineral paints are gentle enough even for children’s rooms and toys. With virtually no odour, minimal VOCs and fully EN: 71-3 certified, they’re perfect for giving your children’s room a look that’s as cool and individual as they are.


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