Off-White Paint

Sometimes, white just isn’t what you want. In large, bright spaces or orth-facing rooms, clean whites can sometimes look stark and – quite simply – a bit too white. Cue the entry of off-white paint, which adds a softer, gentler, warmer and subtler feel to your space.

Strictly speaking, off-whites are shades of white that are not pure white. However, more recently, the definition has expanded to include very pale-toned shades of a wider range of colours. That usually includes neutrals like cream, grey, beige or even greige.

Used alone, off-whites are great for neutral, pared down and soft looks. Alternatively, they can be used for a softer contrast against other colours. Some off-whites can even appear or act as a white, depending on how they are partnered.

With Frenchic, it’s up to you how you use your favourite off-white shades. Choose from the self-sealing Lazy Range, ultra-matte Chalk Wall Paint, soft-satin Trim Paint or traditional chalk paint in the Original Artisan Range. Whatever your project, our selection of off-white paints has something to fit the bill.

Paint your walls off-white for a look that’s airy yet soft. Change up your woodwork off-white to complement coloured walls. Or transform a wide range of furniture with delightful off-white tones. All our paints are UKCA and EN71-3 certified, meaning they’re safe to use on children’s toys. That’s paired with self-priming qualities to minimise preparation!

The only question is which off-white paint you’ll choose. At Frenchic, we have a selection of off-white chalk paint with unique hints and undertones. Whether it’s a simple almost-white shade or an ultra-pale grey, we’re sure to have something for your next project.


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