Satin Paint

Satin paint is a great option for interior woodwork, providing a subtle contrast to matte wall paint. The finish is refined and subtle looking but highly scuff resistant and durable. It also works beautifully on furniture, radiators and built-in cupboards of all kinds.

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If you want your finish to have a little lustre, satin paint is the answer. It reflects some light, providing the appearance of sheen without going all-out. Satin paints can vary from mid-sheen, also known as satinwood, up to a semi-gloss look. In any case, they provide a stylish compromise between matte and full gloss paints – which can be unforgiving as well as looking dated.

Satin paint is ideal as a softer, more subtle choice for interior woodwork like doors, door frames, window frames and skirting boards. But it’s also great for furniture if you want a refined look. Use the same colour of satin paint to provide a simple, effective contrast to matte painted walls in the same colour. Or create even more contrast by using a different colour altogether.

Because of the subtle difference between a matte and mid-sheen or satin paint, you can also combine the two for great effects. From stencilling, stripes and chequerboard patterns to a half-and-half wall, the subtle difference can bring your décor to life.

Satin paints traditionally required primers and undercoats, making application a little more laborious and time consuming. Thankfully, self-priming options like our Trim Paint range are now available, so you can minimise preparation without any impact on the results. With our modern, water-based satin paint, you also benefit from lower VOC content and less odour during and after application.


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