Al Fresco - How to Use

Ensure surfaces are in suitable condition for painting and clean, dry, free from wax, grease or penetrating substances and in sound condition. If previously painted, remove loose or flaking paint. Fill any holes/imperfections with a suitable filler
Remove any rust and apply a suitable metal primer - also apply primer to bare ferrous (iron based) metal
Recommended surface preparation in addition to the above – clean with Frenchic Sugar Soap, rinse, dry, hand-sand sufficiently to abrade the surface and/or to smooth any protrusions after filling. Wipe off any dust
To promote a smooth finish, treat porous surfaces like bare MDF, with an application of 2 coats of Frenchic Finishing Coat prior to painting
Exterior wooden surfaces in particular can retain moisture for up to 48 hours after rainfall or preparation. Ensure the surfaces are thoroughly dry prior to painting
Take care on opening the tin lid – a Frenchic tin opener is recommended
Stir thoroughly with a wide implement, such as a Paint Paddle, prior to each use

Application, drying and curing (hardening)
Apply with a good quality brush or roller
To allow self-levelling, avoid overworking the paint
Also suitable for spraying - thinning may be required with tap water up to 15%, apply additional coat(s)
For exterior projects, avoid painting in direct sunlight, only when the air and surface temperatures are between 10oC and 32oC and humidity is less than 85%. Do not apply if, in the following 48 hours, there is likelihood of rain, frost, fog, condensation or if the temperature is likely to drop lower than 10oC. This means that certain times of the year are unsuitable for painting outside projects - as a general rule of thumb Summer is recommended
Allow a minimum of 2 hours between coats (even if the paint feels touch dry)
Curing time is up to 2-3 weeks in normal conditions. Treat the newly painted surface with care until then
For floors, to avoid damaging the finish, do not walk on the area for 4 hours after painting and then with socks for the next 7 days. Also, try to keep pet paw claws off as well during this period. Do not allow the surface to become wet for at least a week. Continue to treat with care for up to 3 weeks. Painted floors may require maintenance

Clean up and storage
Reseal tin after use. Clean up any spills immediately with water. Wash brushes/rollers in warm, soapy water
Do not store where the tin could be subjected to damp, frost, freezing or high temperatures


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