December 04, 2023

Can I Mix My Own Paint Shades?

Can I Mix My Own Paint Shades?

Key FAQ Points:

  • Mixing your own paint colours can create some great effects.
  • Mix two colours to create something new or use white and black to make colours paler or darker.
  • You can experiment by mixing small amounts on a piece of paper, keeping rough proportions in mind.
  • It’s best to mix a sufficient amount for each project, because it’s almost impossible to recreate a colour blend with 100% accuracy.
  • Bear in mind that mixing different paint ranges will also mix their finish and potentially impact any special qualities.


Mixing paints can create entirely new colours. Or you can mix colours with white or black to get a paler or darker shade with the same tonal qualities.

To start with, you can experiment on a piece of paper:

  • Add small amounts of each colour and blend well.
  • Wait until it’s dried to see the true colour.
  • Try to keep rough proportions of colours in mind.

When you come to make a larger quantity, always ensure you mix very thoroughly. Again, you may need to experiment a little to match your test patch – painting some of your mixture onto a piece of paper and letting it dry.

That said, it’s very unlikely you’ll produce a 100% match. Because of this, it’s best to mix enough for your project – rather than trying to reproduce the same colour in another batch.

Mixing paint ranges

If you want to mix paints from different ranges, bear in mind that special qualities will be affected. Mixing a water-resistant paint with a different range will reduce its resistance, for example.

You’ll also mix the finishes of those paints, so a matte paint won’t be quite as flat when mixed with a paint that has a shinier finish.

For further reading and some fantastic video examples by Fifi Parsons from Fifi's Fancy Furniture, read this blog post: How to Mix Paint & Make Unique Colours.



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