December 04, 2023

Can I Paint Glossy Laminate Furniture?

Can I Paint Glossy Laminate Furniture?

Key FAQ Points:

  • You can paint glossy laminate furniture with the right preparation.
  • Ensure the surface is in suitable condition for painting.
  • Wash and sand it before you start.
  • Use a self-priming paint formulated for use on glossy surfaces.


Can I paint laminate furniture?

Yes – you just need to prepare it correctly.

Ensure your surface is smooth

Smooth out any minor dings with ready-mixed all-purpose filler and fine sandpaper.

Remove significant areas of peeling laminate wrap with a heat gun and a standard scraper tool. You may want to remove the coating from adjacent areas too – but do bear in mind that the laminate is a protective coating.

If the board under the laminate wrap is puffed up or flaking in small areas, you may be able to remove the raised sections and seal thoroughly before filling and smoothing as required. However, large areas of blown board may mean that proceeding with the project is not practical.

How to choose a paint that will adhere to a glossy surface

Use a self-priming paint that's formulated for use on glossy, laminate surfaces, such as Frenchic’s Al Fresco rangeLazy Range and Trim Paint.

How to prepare laminate surfaces for painting

  1. Use a degreaser like Sugar Soap to ensure the surface is clean. Mix one part with ten parts warm water, apply liberally using a cloth or sponge, then wipe or scrub vigorously from the bottom to the top to avoid run lines. Rinse with fresh water once you’re done and allow furniture to dry completely.
  2. Sand the glossy surface to provide a ‘key’, which maximises adherence for your paint. The glossier the surface, the more thorough a sanding is required. You can use an electric sander or sand by hand using medium- to fine-grade sandpaper. Brush off any dust before you start painting.

See our video and guide to surface preparation for step-by-step instructions.

Painting and curing

You can use a brush, roller or paint sprayer. The usual advice applies regarding masking off edges, going with the grain and using the right amount of paint to avoid an uneven finish.

Since all paints take a little time to fully harden, treat the painted surface gently for the first few weeks after painting.

Take a look at our blog for more details about painting laminate surfaces.


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