December 04, 2023

Can I Paint Wooden Garden Furniture?

Can I Paint Wooden Garden Furniture?

Key FAQ Points:

  • You can paint wooden garden furniture as long as it’s in good condition.
  • Use weatherproof, durable paint.
  • Clean and sand before starting.
  • Paint during warm, dry weather but not in direct sunlight.

Can I paint wooden garden furniture?

Yes, as long as it’s in good condition! Just be sure to use paint that’s easy to apply, weatherproof, and durable. The Frenchic range of Al Fresco Inside/Outside paint is ideal because it’s self-priming and formulated for outdoor use. It’s also EN 71-3 certified as safe for children’s toys.

What furniture can’t be painted?

Don’t try to paint furniture that is not in a suitable condition – for example, with an extensively sun-degraded surface or areas of rot.

Wooden garden furniture that has been regularly treated with oil-based preservatives can also be challenging to paint. As can new, unweathered teak. The oils in the wood make it tricky for paint to adhere effectively, so always take extra care with both prep and application.

Prep, clean and sand

Scrub your furniture with Sugar Soap and rinse down. Treat any algae, mould or moss with a proprietary product.

Scrape off and sand back any previous flaking or failing coatings. Sand all surfaces to remove any silvered sun damage and provide a good surface for paint to adhere to.

Repair any areas of rot and make sure joints are tight.

Ensure the wood is completely dry before starting to apply your paint. Even if the surface looks dry, leave at least 24 hours between prep (or rain) in good conditions. In damp conditions, leave longer.

How to paint

Aim to paint when the weather will be dry and temperatures will be between 10°C and 32°C for 48 hours. Don’t paint in direct sunlight, as this causes paint to dry too quickly.

When applying your paint, be thorough. Ensure you get full coverage (refer to your tin for number of coats and rate of coverage of your paint) between slats and around potential weak points, like joints, where moisture could ingress.

Pay attention to instructions on the tin for minimum time between coats as applying subsequent coats too soon can mean the paint may not cure effectively and this can affect long term durability.

Dive in deeper to the details of painting garden furniture in our blog.


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