December 04, 2023

What Paint Do I Need for a Bathroom?

What Paint Do I Need for a Bathroom?

Key FAQ Points:

  • Use paint that is resistant to damp and can be scrubbed or wiped down for hygiene and to remove water marks.
  • Top coats can provide extra protection for some surfaces.
  • Wall tiles can be painted in some cases, but they need special care and attention.
  • Some surfaces like frequently wet areas or tile floors shouldn’t be painted.

What do I need from bathroom paint?

Bathroom paint should be scrubbable and wipeable for hygiene and to remove water marks from splashes of water.

Bathroom paint also needs to stand up to damp conditions. However, the best way to avoid mould building up in any area, and to minimise moisture condensing and running down your walls, is to ensure that there is sufficient ventilation. While some bathroom paints include biocides, intended to inhibit mould growth, these can be expensive and ineffective against excessive moisture. Ventilating to prevent mould from ever starting is ideal.

What paint is best for bathrooms?

Frenchic’s Chalk Wall Paint has an ISO11998 Class 1 Wet Scrub rating, while our Trim Paint is a highly durable option for your woodwork, panelling or bathroom furniture. Our Lazy Range can also be used for bathroom furniture, such as under-sink cabinets, shelves or corner units.

For added water-resistance and general protection, you can use Finishing Coat or Tuff Top Coat. Alternatively, our Al Fresco Range is water-resistant by design, making it ideal for bathroom furniture and bath panels.

Can you paint ceramic wall tiles in a bathroom?

In some cases, you can, but you’ll need to choose a suitable paint that’s formulated to adhere to ceramic tiles.

Be sure to read our guide to painting tiles before considering this option.

Where can’t I paint in my bathroom?

We don’t recommend painting areas that get very wet. That includes the area around showers and baths, as well as anywhere that has standing water.

Some types of bathroom flooring can be painted, but the heavy wear and tear on these surfaces may mean maintenance is required. Also, tiled floors are not recommended for painting.

Similarly, chrome towel rails are not suitable for painting, while modern powder-coated radiators can be painted with a suitable paint. If you have reconditioned vintage radiators, check with your supplier. Learn more in our blog post on painting radiators.

Explore your options for your bathroom further by taking a look at our guide to painting bathrooms.


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