August 23, 2018

How to Transform Your Tired Garden Fence with Frenchic Paint

Over time, your fixed outdoor furniture can begin to look worn as it’s open to the elements all year round. A painted garden fence will most likely fade due to sun exposure, but giving it a new lick of paint can really help to bring it back to life.

Frenchic Al Fresco outdoor paint is perfect for transforming a tired fence and its self-levelling properties will help leave a clean finish even on rough surfaces.

What you’ll need:

Top tips:

For best results, you want to apply the paint using a hand held paint sprayer. This way, you can cover a large area much more quickly than using a paintbrush.

Don’t worry if you’ve never used one before – it’s easy! Simply adjust the nozzle and spray up and down in a fluid motion for even coverage.

As rough sawn timber is very porous, it’s a good idea to apply two coats to make sure your garden fencing is fully weatherproof and to help the paint last longer.


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