May 05, 2023

Say Hello to Our Al Fresco Limited Edition Colours

Say Hello to Our Al Fresco Limited Edition Colours

At Frenchic, there’s nothing we love more than providing the perfect colour for upcycling, renovating and DIY decorating. Our Al Fresco range already features 20 permanent shades that are firm favourites among Frenchic fans – from deep, dark Blackjack and bright, white Dazzle Me! to vintage green Victory Lane, jewel blue Steel Teal and muted pink Dusky Blush.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t freshen things up with some Limited Edition Colours. This year, we introduced four summery, ice-cream tones to give your home or garden a fresh new lick of colour: MatchaPistachePoppet and Yes please!



Read on to get better acquainted with our Al Fresco Limited Edition Colours and the inspiration behind them…

Celebrating summer with cheerful colours

The weather is warming up, the days are getting longer, and we’re all starting to venture outdoors again. So, what better time to add some colour to our homes and exteriors?

That’s exactly the thinking behind this year’s Limited Edition Colours in the Al Fresco range. We’re celebrating the arrival of summer with four colourful, cheerful, pastel paints.

They’re inspired by traditional ice cream colours and the summers of youth – not to mention a hint of matcha tea, which goes hand in hand with the fresh, invigorating vibe.


Soft but fresh greenness you are going to just love! Perfect for bringing a botanical flavour or for combining with other colours, it really is a matcha made in heaven (sorry not sorry). Shop Now >


We have gone completely nuts for this curiously unconventional green. Mid-toned, brimming with cheery yellow hints and oozing with character, it is surprisingly versatile both indoors and out. Shop Now >


When you want to pretty up any project, look no further! Perfectly balanced gentle, sweet and true, pastel-pink loveliness right there in a tin. Shop Now >

Yes please!

Yes! YES! YEEEESS! Just what you need to turn heads, this delightful and uplifting blue is surely the answer to your decorating dilemmas. Pastel-ish, with just a hint of teal in its base. Shop Now >

Pick your favourite and choose what to paint!

We’ll be surprised if you can choose a favourite to indulge in from our four Limited Edition Colours, because we can’t. It might be easier to start by choosing what to paint.

As with the rest of the Al Fresco Inside/Outside colours, the above colours are self-priming, self-sealing, hard wearing and weatherproof with a robust chalk finish. Suitable both indoors and out, they can be used on wood, laminate, uPVC, composites, ceramics and more.

As the icing on the cake, they’re EN:71-3 certified, so they’re safe to paint children’s toys, and have little to no odour with very low VOC content. In other words, the world is your oyster when you’re choosing what to paint.

These four beautiful colours look different inside and out, and it’s easier to be a bit braver with brighter colours when painting externally. Add a pop of colour on your front door with Poppet. Give your garden planters a fresh new look with Yes please!. Revamp  your outdoor table and chairs with Matcha. Or transform your garden fence with Pistache.

Ready to get started?

The new Limited Edition Colours are available with your local stockist and online. You can find your nearest stockist online by entering your location or searching on our map.


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