July 08, 2021

What is the Best Paint for Metal and Wood Garage Doors?

What is the Best Paint for Metal and Wood Garage Doors?

Garage doors are often the face of a home. So, choosing the best paint for garage doors is a must if you’re a proud homeowner. To get it right, you’ll need some careful consideration about the right type of paint and the colour.

Thankfully, whether your garage door is made of wood or metal, there’s a paint solution to make your door look amazing. Read on for our guide on how to choose the best paint for wood and metal garage doors. Bring out your brushes and rollers, and let’s get painting!

What is the best paint for garage doors?

First and foremost, the best paint for garage doors needs to be weatherproof. Al Fresco Inside/Outside chalk paints are all fully weatherproof and UV resistant, so you can admire your garage door and be confident it will stay at its best for years to come.

On top of that, consider the choice between traditional paints, that require a primer, and self-priming paint. Applying paint primer to your garage door means extra expense and effort and is also time consuming – not to mention smelly! Our paints are self-priming, saving you a lot of time and effort by ticking the paint and primer boxes in one go.

Finally, it’s worth looking for paint that is simple to use, environmentally responsible by being water-based and low VOC to minimise odour for a more pleasant experience.

What to consider when deciding on colours

Choosing the best paint colours for garage doors goes beyond picking out a colour that looks nice on a colour chart. There are many factors to consider when searching for the right door colour.

First, look at your other external features like doors, windows and fittings. You may want them to have a cohesive colour scheme, or you might prefer something more personal and unique. Whatever the case, you’ll want to choose colours which complement, contrast or enhance one another in the best way possible.

What about the style, materials and age of your home? A colour that enhances red brick walls may not suit a tiled roof. Different colours can enhance, complement and contrast different styles and features.

Don’t forget about painting the door frame. The paint you choose for this vital part of the door can impact its whole visual style. You might want to paint it the traditional way – in a clean, crisp white. Or perhaps complementary colour to provide a stylish contrast. Alternatively, some like painting the frame the same colour as the garage door for a cool, contemporary look.

The best paint colours for garage doors should always complement the style you want to create. Do you want the garage door to stand out or blend in? Do you want bright colours to spice up your front drive? Or something more calming to tone down the façade?

What are the best paint colours for garage doors?

Here are some of our top picks for garage door paint colours:


You can’t go far wrong with a white door. White is an iconic, timeless choice that makes your garage door stand out, whilst also keeping it subtle. Dazzle Me! from the Frenchic Al Fresco Inside/Outside range is the perfect, bright, fresh white to create a striking finish.


Grey is the contemporary, stylish neutral of the decade. A grey garage door can soften the effect of your house, whilst looking classy and elegant.

Frenchic’s paint colours for garage doors feature a number of sophisticated grey shades. From light grey City Slicker to deep, dark Smudge, there's something for every style.


Meanwhile, black adds a striking contrast, covering over any imperfections. Blackjack can be a very eye-catching paint colour for a garage door, especially when it’s used with a complementary colour scheme.


Creams, beiges and muted colours are very subtle, neutral shades that can complement traditional houses, but equally offer a contemporary feel. Our favourite shades include Cream Dream, Cool Beans, and even Duckling or Stormy.

Deeper shades

If you want to really stand out, Frenchic’s Al Fresco range features a wide variety of striking colours for your outdoor furniture and external doors – including bold green Victory Lane and purply blue Kiss Me Sloely.

Classic and timeless

Finally, there are the classic colours which have stood strong through the years. Classy shades like sage green and sky blue have long been a popular choice on doors, windows and garage doors. With Wise Old Sage and Ol’ Blue Eyes, you can achieve that sought-after timeless appeal for your property too.

Painting for you or painting to sell

Above all else, remember that everyone has different tastes. Paint your garage in a colour which reflects your personal taste and style. If you’re painting your property to sell, it’s generally best to use neutral or timeless colours to add kerb appeal.

Time to choose your dream garage door paint!

Now you have all the information you need to choose the perfect paint for your garage door. Found your paint inspiration? It’s time to buy your dream paint!

Frenchic’s Al Fresco Inside/Outside chalk paint range is tailored to outdoor surfaces. It’s easy to apply and self-priming, with colours to suit every style, from contemporary chic to cosy country.

Once you have your paint at the ready, make sure you prepare for the painting process beforehand. Why not check out our article on painting metal garage doors?

While you’re at it, follow the Frenchic TV YouTube Channel for more decoration inspiration and techniques. 


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