Turn Your Home into a Gem with Jewel Paint Colours

Turn Your Home into a Gem with Jewel Paint Colours

March 29, 2022

With the phrase “jewel in the crown” referring to the best part of something, it’s fair to say jewels are known for their value. They’re also renowned for their beauty, not least the wonderful colours they possess.

But it’s not just jewellery that can benefit from these magnificent shades. Jewel colours are a great way to add a bit of interest to your space…

What are jewel colours?

Jewel colours are tones of yellow, green, red, blue and purple. They’re saturated shades ranging from deep to mid-tone with a great depth of colour and luminosity – but not at all neon or acidic.

Jewel paint colours are often named after gemstones, due to their saturated and luminescent tones. Think emerald or jade greens, sapphire and turquoise blues, or gorgeous ruby reds. Of course, not all jewel tones have jewel names – magenta and golden mustard yellow are equally jewel-toned (and equally stunning) without the gemstone namesake.

Why are they so popular? Simply put, jewel colours are unbeatable for an injection of personality, adding interest when used sparingly. Even the smallest splash of a jewel shade can liven things up and create an opportunity for the unexpected. These colours have the ability to be striking and bold, adding richness and luxury depending on how they are partnered.

Using jewel colours in your home

If you want to get on board with the jewel trend, the simplest way to get started is by using them to add pops of colour. Jewel colours are great as accents, injecting interest and personality to neutral schemes.

Start small with artwork or accessories like a cushion or lamp base. You can then pair that with a piece of furniture, updated with a jewel paint colour. Kiss Me Sloely is a deep, rich purply-blue jewel shade that embodies this perfectly.


There are plenty of other options beyond furniture too. Adding a jewel paint colour to a kitchen island or even your front door is a good way to experiment without making a huge change or commitment. That way, you can try out combinations and see what you like until you find something that works for you.


Combining jewels

When it comes to jewel colours, you’re by no means restricted to one shade. Different shades can work very well together – whether used sparingly or widely – to create unique effects.

Consider how complementary blues and greens can intensify the tones of each other. Or an energetic combination of contrasting blue and magenta. Or how about three in one – like a Hot as Mustard doorframe, paired with splashes of yellow, magenta and blue jewel shades on the dining table?


Jewels on the walls

If you’re feeling bolder, you can dial things up by painting a feature wall. A jewel colour block is the perfect way to bring a room to life. Alternatively, opt for a half-and-half wall. You could combine a jewel tone with a complementary pastel colour or contrast a jewel paint colour with neutral shade like jewel green Victory Lane with white. 

A stage further? Go for it in a small room like a bathroom, hallway or even a downstairs loo. Because these rooms aren’t living spaces, it’s easier to go bold and bright or dramatic. The same colour combination as above, for instance, has been used on multiple walls to great effect.



Jewel colours with dark backdrops

If you want to keep colours popping without having to splash them about, try teaming jewel colours with a dark, moody and dramatic backdrop. This intensifies the tone to transform a room with just a few jewel accents. The wardrobes below have been freshened up with our bold, sophisticated Blackjack.


In the same way, jewel colours can be used to bring an existing dark backdrop to life. Something as simple as a drawer unit, transformed with gorgeous green Constance Moss, can tie together a bright green sofa and dark backdrop for a fantastic cohesive look.


High quality jewel paint for your next project

Whether you’re going all out with an emerald hallway or starting small with a ruby red side table, Frenchic can make it happen with a range of beautiful jewel paint colours for furniture, walls, woodwork and other surfaces.

All our chalk paint products are self-priming, low in VOCs and UKCA & EN71-3 certified, meaning they’re safe to use on children’s toys. So, you can enjoy every last minute as you make these wonderful shades the jewel in the crown of your home’s design.


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