March 10, 2021

Paint Colour Trends for 2021

Paint Colour Trends for 2021

Moving into the New Year is the perfect excuse to give tired-looking interiors a brand-new makeover. On the surface, a fresh lick of paint revitalises old walls and furniture, making the most well-worn rooms feel smarter. Digging deeper, the shades we select are more than purely decorative. Colours invoke memories, emotion and an overall sense of wellbeing. Choosing the right scheme is the key to a happy home.

With catalogues full of options and only so much wall space to sample on, how do you begin whittling down the contenders? Well, an excellent place to start is with the on-trend paint colours for 2021.

What paint colours are in for 2021?

Last year's top colours were quite varied, but thanks to the uncertainty of 2020, more people than ever are gravitating towards browns and nourishing neutrals. In Feng Shui (a practice that establishes harmony between an individual and their environment) these colours pull our energy downwards when we're feeling anxious, back to the soil, earth, and nature. They are excellent options for people who always have their head in the clouds.

Then, spending so much time indoors means we're desperately trying to bring more of the outside inside. Forest greens and pastel blues emulate the vibrant English countryside, while yellows, oranges and reds stand-in for the summer holidays we never had.

Pastels and vintage paint colours remain popular (sometimes we wonder if they'll ever fall out of fashion). These lighter hues are exceptionally versatile, enhancing space and complementing wooden furniture, floors and accents.

Invoke a sense of calm with earthy grounding colours

Earthy colours create a refuge when the world feels unpredictable and up in the air. The unassuming tones are remarkably comforting, enveloping you much like wild forests, fields and fells. In times of great stress, they provide stability, promote growth and encourage us to draw strength from nature. Plus, their versatility gives you the ultimate freedom when it comes to decor.

Browns, tans, taupes and beiges all instil this overwhelming sense of calm. If you're worried about darker tones feeling claustrophobic, opt for lighter shades like Funky Dora and Salt of the Earth. Both are more reflective, which helps to maximise the effect of the surrounding natural light.

Bring the outside inside with green

According to Rightmove, there was a 126% increase in people considering properties in village locations in 2020. Spending so much time indoors caused a mass exodus from cities, as homeowners longed for fresh air, more space and unprohibited movement. However, not everyone has the resources to pack up and move out, so bringing the outside inside is the next best thing.

Green is the new grey, booming in popularity thanks to its luscious, uplifting and contemplative qualities. Much like the earthy tones above, it reminds us of the beauty and abundance of the world around us.

Any shade will do. Velvety dark greens such as Victory Lane and Constance Moss look undeniably smart alongside crisp whites and creams, while brighter mixtures like Wise Old Sage suit shabby chic and rustic interiors.

If you're unconvinced about painting your walls green, how about your furniture instead? Our Frenchic Artisan Range includes all-natural chalk and mineral paint, with no toxins or added VOCs. To see the finished effect, browse through our gorgeous upcycling makeovers.

Turn up the heat with sunset shades and warm purples

In the absence of jetting to far-flung locations, everyone is struggling with an increasing sense of Wanderlust. Perhaps, this explains why warmer colours in sunset shades are all the rage in 2021.

Icy blues, unforgiving whites and concrete greys have made space for welcoming yellows, oranges and reds. To create an easy-going holiday-at-home scene, opt for mellow tones over highly saturated ones.

If you're feeling brave, why not choose an equally warming shade of purple? Plum Pudding is a deep jewel colour suited to opulent and country house settings. Its intensity draws in large spaces, making homes feel cosier and less sparse.

Relish the past with a unique vintage palette

Our love of all things nostalgic means vintage colours have made an unprecedented comeback in recent years. They take us back to simpler times and spur happy memories, which leads to increased feelings of wellbeing. Additionally, vintage interiors help us to see the beauty of the imperfect. Well-worn furniture, scuffed floors and cracked walls all add to a room's quirky charm.

In general, tones are muted, reserved and easy on the eye. Neutrals have a warmer, almost yellowish tinge which gives surfaces their signature aged look. Off-white, beige and creams are popular choices, often paired with bolder colours like blue for a striking contrast. 

Besides choosing the right colour, another effective way to create a vintage feel is by using Easy Crackle to create texture. When applied between two different Frenchic furniture paints, it gives surfaces much more depth. The first coat determines the crack's colour, and the second the overall colour of the project.

Everything is prettier in pink

A soft shade of pink is the perfect neutral for grown-ups. It's reserved yet playful, somehow walking the line between classic and contemporary eras. While there are many shades to peruse, 2021 welcomes pastel and shady tones like Dusky Blush, Ballerina and Nougat.

Contrary to popular belief, pink works with a wide array of colours. Alongside green, it mimics wildflower fields in Spring. When paired with orange, you're standing underneath a vibrant sky at dawn. Romanticism aside, you could go for unabashed glamour with zebra print throws, floor-length mirrors and funky neon signs. 

Stay on-trend with Frenchic award-winning paint

At Frenchic, we offer an incredible range of award-winning and fashionable paint to suit all tastes and styles. 

From our Original Artisan Range and New and Improved Lazy Range to our collection of Chalk Wall Paint and Easy Crackle, there’s honestly something for everyone. Plus, our all-natural and eco-friendly products have no hidden nasties (because being environmentally conscious is a trend that’s here to stay).

To find the perfect partner for your home’s interior decor, simply browse our selection today.

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