August 10, 2020

Spotlight on the Top Paint Colour Trends for 2020

Spotlight on the Top Paint Colour Trends for 2020

We can all agree that 2020 hasn’t had the best start. Yet, in the midst of a pandemic, many of us turned to our homes for comfort, solitude and safety. Home improvements skyrocketed during lockdown, and more and more renters and homeowners have taken an interest in creating their own sanctuary in their properties.

With inspiration taken from new colour releases and the latest fashion trends, there have been plenty of colours that have been hot this year. Take a look at some of the latest paint colour trends that have taken hold across the UK.

2020 paint colour trends

Midnight Blue

Blue is associated with coolness and calm – ideal for our year of reconnection. The start of the year began a new decade, and with it, we saw a shift toward bolder, deeper colours with a touch of opulence. After a decade of all-white kitchens and lots of light, neutral colours, homeowners are now starting to embrace colour in their kitchens, bathrooms and living spaces.

A luxurious navy blue hue has been popular for the past few years and it’s not going anywhere in 2020. This deep and rich colour helps to create comfortable spaces in our homes – where we’re spending even more of our time.

How to use it? Navy blue painted walls or furniture items create a sense of elegance and mystery without being too striking or bold. Revamp your kitchen cabinets with a deeply intense indigo paint inspired by the night sky for a calming but richly sophisticated feel.


Beige is back. Fighting grey for the top neutral colour, beige has been slathered on walls and is appearing on upcycling projects across the nation. A beige that borders on being blush makes the classic neutral space look sophisticated and updated.

Where to use it? A warmer alternative to grey, this natural colour looks great on cabinetry for a soft and smooth look. Update unloved items such as mirrors and wooden cabinets with a soft beige for a more contemporary feel.

Avocado Green

The 2020 paint colour trends have leaned heavily on muted, dark, moody colours and light, soft pastels. One that is relatively new to the scene is the deep avocado green colour. This dark and velvety hue adds warmth and heritage into any space. As an earthy blend of all the rainbow colours, this green goes with pretty much everything. Throw in strategic, colourful prints or bright whites for drama and this green will still stand strong.

Where to use it? Use it as a neutral and paint your wooden stairs for a pop of colour. Be brave and cover the outdoor shed in alfresco chalk paint for the ultimate outdoor aesthetic. 

Soft Pink

Pink isn’t going anywhere as a trendy colour to decorate with. While you have pinks from bubblegum to hot pink, it’s been the more muted colours that have dominated the first half of the year. This year, pinks with earthy undertones of brown and yellow that stop it from becoming too sweet are particularly popular.

Dusty, light, peach and blush pinks all make for wonderful interior hues to incorporate into green, grey, black and navy settings. Dusty pink adds a warm depth, while recalling an earthy landscape. Dolloped on dining room walls, subtle pinks contrast beautifully with moody-coloured furnishings while evoking positivity.

Throughout this difficult time, many of us have turned to this colour to reflect a new definition of the home – comfort, authenticity and optimism. Quite simply, this shade of dusty pink is a pink for grown-ups.

Where to use it? Smother it on walls in dining rooms and bedrooms, and upcycle cabinets, chest of drawers and chairs for subtle pops of this dusty colour.

Sage Green

Did we mention that green is at the top of the list for paint colour trends 2020? Sage green is a beautifully muted colour that inspires us to reconnect with nature and feel a little calmer in this ever-increasingly digital world.

Not only does this colour add rustic charm to upcycled projects such as cabinets, chairs, mirrors and more, but this calming, natural shade works particularly well in home offices. In a technology-heavy home, sage green counteracts the feeling of artificial with its earthiness.

Found organically in nature, this sage green colour can be used throughout the home to create a cohesive environment.

Where to use it? Make a statement wall with sage green, paint it on the front door, add it to plant pots, staircase railings and cabinetry – the list is endless with this classic colour.


From classic country home to the ever-popular Scandi style, white plays a significant role in the colour palette – and for good reason. White, even in this new decade, creates an illusion of a lighter, brighter and larger room. As versatile as it is, white isn’t an emotional colour, so additional colours and a play on textures are highly advised.

Where to use it? Set it against moody hues or subtle pastel tiles in the kitchen and bathroom. Paint exterior or interior brick for that cottage feel. It has also been a popular colour to use for upcycling projects that many of us did during lockdown. White chalk paint is wonderful at creating a rustic, shabby chic cabinet or repainting the kitchen tiles for a fresh and clean look.

The latest 2020 chalk paint colours

Whether you’re going to try your hand at upcycling furniture or are looking to make a statement wall, chalk paint can provide the ultimate look. At Frenchic Paint, we offer a wide variety of colours, from the classics and timeless tones to modern-friendly, on-trend hues. Explore our full product range to find the right paint colour and texture to transform your home this year.


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