October 20, 2020

Timeless Paint Colours: 7 Shades You’ll Never Regret

Timeless Paint Colours: 7 Shades You’ll Never Regret

If you love to change things up every year or so, you’re probably always looking at those on-trend colours. The ones that are hot for a year or two, then wait in the wings until they become relevant again.

Or maybe you prefer to decorate for the long-term? If that’s the case, you’ll be looking for timeless, classic colours with rock-solid staying power. The shades that continue to be bought and loved year after year, which will simply never go out of style.

Looking for paint colours that you won’t regret? Take a look at this list of timeless paint colours – and no, it’s not seven different shades of white!

Timeless paint colours you will love

  1. Navy Blue

A calming navy tone is always in fashion. Although it’s a bold, dark and powerful colour, it’s incredibly versatile. A navy blue works well with other dark shades like royal blue, as well as lighter and brighter colours, complementary colours or simply on its own.

Consider pulling in whites, creams and beiges for a serene, sophisticated feel. If you’re looking to create a nautical theme, then navy can be used instead of bright blue that can quickly look dated.

Deep blue also works well in the kitchen on tiles and cabinets as well as on painted wooden chairs and accent mirrors and shelves. Its clean and classic properties anchor the many different materials and colours used, creating sharp stables that will last.

  1. Grey

Grey is far from plain. There are now a vast range of greys available. It can be considered a neutral as well as a statement, depending on the shade and how you use it.

Pebble grey is light and soft that just hints at beige, while concrete grey is stone-like and cool. There are greys with blue undertones that are uber chic. There are almost-black greys that complete a modern look. There’s almost-white greys and stormy greys.

The selection is immense and always changing, but what’s not changing is that grey is here to stay. Choose the right grey for your piece of furniture or room by playing with the light, surface and additional features in the space.

A true timeless paint colour, grey works in just about any house, on any piece of furniture and in a huge variety of colour schemes. Grey goes with just about every colour, so don’t be afraid to incorporate into spaces where there is little to no other similar colour. It’s also a great transitional colour, making it ideal for an open floor plan.

  1. Yellow

A sunny and happy colour also makes it on the list of timeless interior paint colours. Associated with warmth and positivity, it has earned the right to be considered a classic in any home environment. Although yellow was introduced in kitchens to begin with, it soon got kicked out by the all-white trend. Even so, it hasn’t yet been dethroned.

Yellow works well in a variety of living spaces beyond the kitchen, including the bathroom and bedrooms. It also looks great on painted furniture like chests of drawers and chairs to give rooms a pop of colour.

  1. White

One of the best ways to avoid colour trends and endless repainting is to avoid wild colours altogether. White, the quintessential neutral, is as close to time-proof as you can get, especially if you use a lot of eggshell, classic white colours.

Whites with yellow undertones will give age to what you’re painting. Grey-whites will offer a cleaner and fresher look, while a bright, crisp white is pure light. White colours, of course, work well on walls, but also on ceilings that have a different colour palette on the walls. White wood, tile, and cabinetry hold up well over time.

Layer this colour with other shades of white for a minimalist look or add in pops of colour to keep in line with the year’s latest hot hues.

  1. Duck Egg Blue

Duck egg blue was hot ten years ago and it’s still very much a popular paint choice. Not only is it pretty and romantic, but it’s cool and calming, too. It’s versatile, which means you can use it in the bedroom, bathroom, living spaces or incorporate it into other colour schemes and play off its green and blue tones.

With beige, it’s country-chic. With teal, it’s modern monochrome. With red, it’s smart and vibrant. Not convinced duck egg blue is right for you? There are even more colourful options for combining colours with duck egg blue – namely, pastel colours. Just about all pale shades will work.

  1. Black

Black is back. But did it ever really leave? There was a time when homes were white-washed and stark, bright living spaces were adorned. Now, people are leaning towards moody wall colours, industrial features and layers of drama that all come from adding darker shades into the house. Black works well as an accent colour on a ceiling or trim, but also as a beautiful, modern statement in any room.

More of us are taking to paint our kitchen cabinets, feature mirrors and wooden furniture black to give it an edge that instantly modernises it. Though this trend is hot and will continue to be for some time, black is a staple colour that will never leave the scene.

  1. Earthy Tones

Incorporating nature’s saturated colours into your home’s interior makes for a tranquil feeling similar to what we experience when immersed in nature. The colours that are found in nature tend to hold up well over the years.

Earthy tones such as clay red, garden greens, and rich browns can bring the lush outdoors into your home. Nature will never go out of style, so you can rest assured these colours will always hit the mark.

Chalk paint you won’t regret

At Frenchic Paint, we love the classic colours. With a range of modern, classic and out-the-box paint colours to try, you can experiment painting your walls, tiles, cabinetry and indoor and outdoor furniture. Browse our whole chalk paint collection and order online with ease. We’re sure you’ll love our range as much as we do.


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