October 10, 2020

What Colour Paint Goes Best with Grey?

What Colour Paint Goes Best with Grey?

Neutral walls and furniture are a staple when it comes to decorating. As well as being timeless, they can pair with plenty of different colours to customise your design. That’s exactly why grey has shot up in popularity over the years, leaving behind the stark whites and dated beiges.

But what colour paint goes with grey? In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the best colours to go with your grey carpets, wallpaper, tiles or kitchen cupboards.

What colour paint goes best with grey?


1.    Blush pink

Oh so chic and right on trend. A cool grey pairs perfectly with a dusky blush, whether you’re aiming for industrial chic, modern country, Scandi style or classic elegance. The warmth of the pink (or for more colour opt for a peach), help to balance the grey while keeping tones peaceful and pretty.

If you’re painting a room grey and pink, opt for metallic features like brass and gold to add style. Another trick here is to throw in different textures, like mixing the rough with the smooth – contrast sleek grey tiles with rough, upcycled pink wooden cabinets.

2.    Lime green

Greens, in general, work well with grey. Associated with nature, this revitalising shade can perk up all shades of grey, from soft lilac greys to dark and moody charcoal tones. If you have grey tiles or wallpaper or cabinets, you may choose to vamp up the space by adding in natural tones of green in the form of houseplants.

Use lime green with a darker tone of charcoal to add drama anywhere in the home, whether you’re thinking of mixing up furniture pieces or want to upcycle a piece of furniture with a pop of colour. Dark greys are the perfect strong background for small amounts of bright colour, and they can hold the tones well.

What colour paint goes well with grey wallpaper? With the right zingy lime green furniture piece, you can add depth to the grey wallpapered room. Want to tone it down a bit but still get the same effect? Try a vivid turquoise that is more muted than a lime green but has all the personality of a bold colour.

3.    Duck egg blue

Classically timeless, you can’t go wrong with a pairing of duck egg blue and soft grey. Creating a nice and light atmosphere, these two colours complement each other and evoke soft and welcoming spaces. Whether you are working with tile, wallpaper, cabinets, carpet or furniture, duck egg and grey can play off each other in almost any setting.

For the ultimate space, add in muted yellow. The softness of the duck egg blue balances the yellow and lights up the grey. Choose a grey with underlying blue tones to match the same colour spectrum of the duck egg blue.

4.    Navy

A stone grey balances a well-structured navy blue that isn’t dominated by cold, dark tones. When painting walls navy blue or adding in pieces of navy furniture, it’s important to balance it with large areas of neutral colours, such as grey. The deep blue accent against the cool grey creates a comforting and luxurious feel without it appearing too daunting.

Rich navy paint works well on interior walls, cabinets, and furniture with complementary grey splashes. To soften the masculine colours, add tan or blush pink into the colour scheme.

5.    Midnight black

Black and grey? Too dark and overbearing is what some people may think of this colour scheme, but done right it can ooze vintage elegance, style, and luxury. Because black matches nearly everything, this colour can be used alongside grey to create a monochromatic look.

Do it right by avoiding overly dark greys as they don’t have adequate contrast to stand out against the black. Instead, select a cool, steely grey paint. Finish with silver accessories like handles on cabinets and appliances against kitchen tiles to finish the look. 

6.    Red

A bright red is an extravagantly bright and bold colour that evokes a sense of luxury and energy when combined with soft shades of grey. The striking contrast between the two hues makes this an excellent combination that is hard not to fall in love with. The cool grey creates a polished look while the fiery red brings passion and energy – making it a perfect place for a kitchen, dining room or bedroom.  

Use the red sparingly, as it only takes a little to capture your attention. When you’re wondering what paint goes well with grey carpet, add in a splash of painted red wood for texture and colour.

7.    Sage green

Sage green is a colour that keeps coming back year after year. The muted, chalk-like finish is subdued and creates a calming feel while adding colour to the palette. Spruce up your kitchen cabinets by painting them in a soft sage green. This colour works well on painted wood furniture as it combines the natural feel of the wood while capturing the earthy tone of the green paint.

With sage green and grey paint, you still have a few options. You can choose a silvery, cool sage green to complement a bright and light grey, or opt for a cool stone grey with a warm, pistachio undertone green.

8.    White

Not ready to step outside of your neutral comfort zone? You’re in luck. A grey-on-white scheme makes a surprisingly bold style statement. White paint can be used to brighten up a space that is consumed with grey walls and carpet in the form of furniture, tiles, or accessories. Keep in mind that not all greys match with whites, so stick with a bright and solid white that will complement everything from taupe to silver to grey blue tones.

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