May 04, 2022

Using Yellow Paint Colours in Your Home's Interior Design

Using Yellow Paint Colours in Your Home's Interior Design

From the glow of the sun to the daffodils in spring, yellow is a colour that oozes positivity. Its cheerful and happy vibes make it a great choice for a huge range of interior styles and schemes. That’s exactly why it’s listed amongst our interior colour trends for 2022.

In this post, we’ll take a closer look at yellow paint colours, including the best colour combinations and some inspiration for your yellow interior design.

Getting to know the yellow colour palette

While it’s all seemingly summed up in one word, yellow offers up a very wide range of shades and tones to choose from. Naturally, that affects how you use them and the impact they have in your space.

Some yellow shades can act as neutrals, like creams and straw tones or soft ochres. They’re simple to use on practically any wall, piece of furniture or other surface, as they’re not going to overwhelm a space.

Because stronger yellow paint colours are almost always brighter and warm, they’re great for rooms with low natural light. That’s especially true for those with earthiness from red or orange undertones.

Alternatively, green-toned yellows like certain lemony hues can inject a sense of fresh, clean light. They work best with higher levels of natural light.

Yellow colour combinations

If you are intrigued by the resurgence of yellow and toying with the idea of trying to add some colour to your surroundings, you will be happy to know that it’s great for introducing contrast to neutral, super-safe grey or monochrome schemes. While there are wide range of yellows to choose from, most work well with greys – even the strongest tones.

But yellow is far from a one-trick pony! Its fresh vibrance is wonderful for complementing greens and blues. It also works well with textures and finishes like rattan and natural wood. Both ideas are shown below, with zesty yellow Hot as Mustard used to brighten up a cabinet alongside a velvety grey-blue, plus a touch of natural wood from the stack of logs.


Using yellow in interior design

When you want to add colour to a space, many people’s first port of call is the wall. With good reason too. A yellow feature wall can really brighten up a room. It can also be paired with your choice of complementary or contrasting shades for a half-and-half wall. White and grey are both popular partners for yellow on walls, but it’s really up to you!

However, you don’t always need to go as far as painting a feature wall to include more colour. Experiment by adding soft furnishings or perhaps painting a door or piece of furniture like a chair. Even something as small as a lamp base or picture frame can be enough to get you started.

Like the colour blocking trend, you can use yellow to add interest in unexpected ways – from a statement piece of furniture to small accents throughout the room. Of course, you can always do both, like a bold yellow entryway between two rooms paired with small yellow features dotted throughout your interiors…


Yellow paint colour inspiration

If you’re not ready to go all-in, yellow is perfect for pepping up a safe scheme. From pastels through to sunshine or sandy tones and even strong mustards, yellow paint colours can be a fabulous addition if you want to add energy to an existing scheme. These are more commonly used as accents or for features and which contribute some contrast and interest.

That’s reflected perfectly below, with a mustard yellow headboard juxtaposing a newly transformed chest of drawers using deep, dark Loof.


In fact, super-saturated yellows or acid tones are perhaps best kept as strong pops of colour. Again, they can be surprisingly effective for lifting a scheme. Sometimes, even a tiny amount of yellow is all that’s needed – like the yellow stool (and daffodils) used to contrast jet black Blackjack.


If you’re looking for a small project that offers plenty of impact with a fabulous yellow statement, how about painting your front door? Hot as Mustard from the Lazy Range is used below on the internal side of a front door to add a splash of colour and warmth. Accentuated by the yellow cushions on the bench, the zesty yellow shade pairs perfectly with the neutral grey features, off-white walls and natural wood floor. Also, for a splash of yellowy cheer outdoors, check out Daffs.


Who says brightness has to be confined to living spaces? Yellow is a beautiful way to add some warmth and interest to your bedroom. Start small with cushions or throws. Go one further with a yellow bed frame. Or create a cohesive theme with several yellow features all tied together.

The yellow bed frame below is matched by the door and frame – all in Lazy Range Hot as Mustard. Tying in with pops of yellow in the wallpaper for a bright and delightful space.


Get started on your yellow interior design

Ready to add some yellow cheer to your home? Frenchic makes it easy with beautiful yellow paint. From our Lazy Range with a unique wax infusion to our weatherproof Al Fresco Inside / Outside Range, our yellow paint is self-priming, self-levelling and self-sealing to minimise preparation and aftercare. It’s also water-based and certified (UKCA & EN17-3) as safe to use on children’s toys.

Put simply, you can use it on a wide range of surfaces for excellent results every time. If you’d like any more advice or inspiration, be sure to check out our blog – The World Of Frenchic. And don’t forget to send us the results of your bright and beautiful yellow paint projects on Instagram!


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