What is the Best Colour for Kitchen Cabinets?

What is the Best Colour for Kitchen Cabinets?

April 21, 2021

With the whole rainbow at your fingertips, picking a paint colour for kitchen cabinets and cupboards can feel overwhelming. From soothing neutrals and dazzling whites to bold and pastel shades, the possibilities are limitless.

Ultimately, the best colour for your renovation is personal. It should capture your character while accentuating the surrounding decor.

No guide can choose for you. However, understanding a little more about the painting process and how to choose complementary colours can inform your decision.

Keep reading as we answer pressing questions, including:

  • What paint is best for kitchen cabinets?
  • Is it easy to paint kitchen cabinets?
  • What colours make small kitchens look larger?
  • How do I choose complementary colours?

Then, we suggest some ultra-stylish options that promise to make any kitchen space look brand-new.

What paint is best for kitchen cabinets?

Without a doubt, the best paint to use on kitchen cabinets is smooth, durable and toxin-free chalk paint. Besides producing a dream finish, it requires very little preparation. You can paint directly over clean and dry surfaces without hours of scrubbing, sanding or stripping.

Even better, most chalk paints are self-sealing and provide a hard-wearing coat of colour to withstand steam, scratches and stains. Whatever hue you choose, it's a delightfully low maintenance product that guarantees high-quality results.

Is it easy to paint kitchen cabinets?

You can paint kitchen cabinets in four easy steps [GH1] with minimal fuss, equipment and expense. All you need to do is clean, lightly sand, apply paint and add some finishing touches.

Additionally, when you use the Frenchic Lazy Range chalk paint, there's no need to use a sealer or primer beforehand and between layers.

What colours make small kitchens look larger?

Colour is an effective way to give the illusion of space, transforming tiny kitchens into expansive epicentres of activity.

Neutrals with warm undertones make small rooms feel more inviting – think earthy browns, soft tans, and creamy beiges. If you have a stuffy south-facing kitchen, inject freshness with cool greys and icy blues.

Surprisingly, white cabinets aren't the best choice for windowless kitchens because they're only as effective as the amount of natural light they reflect. Instead, choose saturated colours with less black in the base, like yellow, to brighten shadowy interiors.

How do I choose complementary colours?

Your kitchen cabinets should harmonise with the surrounding environment. If you need help finding the perfect match, use the colour wheel for inspiration.

Complementary colours sit opposite each other on the wheel – red and green, blue and orange, yellow and violet. When combined, they enhance each other's intensity and create striking, high-contrast interiors that pop.

For something a little less flashy, try analogous colours positioned adjacent to or near each other on the wheel. Generally, one colour is dominant, the second supports it, and the third acts as an accent. Popular combinations include violet, blue and teal, as well as red, fuchsia and purple.

Colour wheel aside, there are plenty of creative ways to choose an overriding scheme. Window-shop upcycling makeovers or visit the Frenchic Instagram page to see how others have incorporated colour into their kitchen designs.

Four standout colours for kitchen cabinets

Here's what you've been waiting for – our expert colour recommendations for utterly gorgeous kitchen cabinets.

Remember to prioritise colours that spark joy. If nothing on this list speaks to you, make sure to browse the complete collection of paint for kitchen cabinets.


Green has boomed in popularity thanks to our renewed interest in the natural world. It brings the outside in and feels simultaneously expansive and meditative. Colour psychologists believe it promotes balance, harmony, growth and renewal.

Wise Old Sage is a crowd favourite. Lighter and less domineering than darker greens, it adds a subtle splash of colour to bland settings. It looks extraordinarily delightful alongside soothing blends like duck egg blue and hearty brown.

Alternatively, create contrast with rich emerald green. Victory Lane dazzles against brilliant white tiles and appliances. Its prominent pigmentation is attention-grabbing and profound, invoking a sense of wonder every time you step into the room.

Whatever you choose, make sure to accessorise with plenty of indoor plants and wooden furniture for the maximum, earthy effect.


Nothing makes us happier than a vibrant and sunny yellow like Hot as Mustard. It immediately transports us to far-flung locations with sandy beaches, rolling waves and fruity cocktails with cute umbrellas.

It's associated with positivity, laughter and good health. When used in the kitchen, usually considered the heart of a home, it manifests a convivial and cheerful atmosphere.

Too much yellow can feel overpowering, which is why it's perfect for cabinets and cupboards. Use neutrals to remove its blinding edge or bolster the joyfulness with complementary primary colours.


A soft shade of pink is the perfect neutral for adults. It suits classic and contemporary interiors, striking a delicate balance between subtleness and playfulness.

While there are many shades to peruse, we adore Love Letter. Its candyfloss finish is wonderfully feminine yet versatile enough to work in communal areas, including kitchens.

There are so many ways to incorporate it. Create vintage palettes by blending pink with pastel purples and blues. Bubble gum cabinets add a dash of sophisticated drama alongside dark grey or black walls. Alternatively, combine rosy hues with greens for a country house vibe.


Neutral cabinets are far from boring – they give you ultimate freedom when choosing appliances, wall paint and furnishings. They're excellent supporting actors and can be used to emphasise other colours in your palette. For example, they highlight bold feature walls and standout accents.

Plus, dainty shades such as Cream Dream and Salt of the Earth instil a sense of calm. They're wonderfully non-stimulating, and both are reflective to maximise the surrounding natural light.

Find the best colour for your kitchen cabinets

Frenchic paint for kitchen cupboards is a quick and easy way to revamp your kitchen. Products are smooth, self-priming and toxin-free. What's more, you can apply paint directly onto most surfaces – no scrubbing or sanding required.

There's a kaleidoscopic range of colours available to suit every taste and setting, from classic neutrals to greens, blues and greys. Whatever your preference, we have you covered.


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